the Brothers of Delta Psi, students

To the Editor,We understand the lengh of the article may be too long, but the content and publication stand to serve a greater purpose as we request this article to recieve ample consideration to be printed, Thank you.

From the Brothers of Delta Psi, A response to the article from Meyers Jay.And to you Mr. Jay: are you the advocate of the “perfect Greek house” or are you the moral voice for those people who are stereotyped and misunderstood? Through your scathing remarks to our brotherhood and obvious third person accounts of the events that have transpired we could not decipher which moral high ground you were attempting to take when talking about the prominent Delta Psi. You apparently allowed an obvious hatred towards our fraternity to reflect everything you are trying to stand for by calling us “morons” and “scum” and calling our alumni, who bear such enduring last names as Waterman, Buckham, and Goodrich, to name a few, “minimally illustrious”. You are absolutely correct in believing that Greek life is dying at this university and that the societies do receive unfair stereotypes about the quality of the individuals that participate in these societies; much like your unmerited stereotypes of our brotherhood. I find it ironic that when the Greek system is dying at UVM, and the need for Greeks to rally and stick together to support one another, certain individuals resort to uninformed slander in the school paper hurting the overall integrity of the Greek community. We cannot understand your ignorance of the situation, Mr. Jay. Now, back to the wonderful fraternity known as Delta Psi. The “morons”, as you so intelligently refer to them, who were involved in the alleged incident have had all charges dropped by the district attorney on the grounds of insufficient evidence, or no evidence at all. The plaintiff in question has filed testimony in defense of the brothers accused. A charge of hazing wasn’t filed because one never existed, despite your false allegations; your word-of-mouth reporting only furthers these fabrications. As for our house, you are accurate, finally, in explaining a pipe froze and burst in our 154 year old house. The necessary repairs are scheduled to be underway shortly and will be completed before the upcoming school year. I hope this explains the circumstances for closing the house only for this semester. You are correct in assuming that the direction of this fraternity has not followed the path of those who have preceded us; however, what you cannot observe is that our brotherhood recognizes our misdirection and is already in the process of modifying our faults. We have never claimed to be the model of the perfect society. We have done things that we don’t take pride in, yet we do feel that we are a strong link within a weakening chain. With the fall of our, or any, Greek house the entire system stands to crumble; we recognize this importance and are aimed at reviving, like a phoenix, our name and reputation. Individuals join different houses for different reasons; each person choosing their house because they feel it is the best for them. We have chosen Delta Psi because we feel it is the best fraternity on campus, and that a bond exists between each and every brother. The scathing nature of your article reflects your ignorance and inexplicable anger towards a fraternity you choose to denigrate. In your actions you sadly created a moral low road in a situation where none was present; deciding not to investigate the situation and history of Delta Psi and simply using disconnected accounts of the truth you contradicted everything you are trying to argue for. A wise man once said, “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain – and most fools do.” Mr. Jay do not be a fool; do not substitute certain stereotypes and truths with that of your own and expect people to listen, they won’t.