There is no right way to be alternative

Gabby Felitto

As a former emo kid, I’ve noticed white people are poster children for alternative subcultures.

This prevents society from acknowledging people of color in the alternative scene.

Society’s image of those who follow subcultures isn’t inclusive. Many alternative icons are white like Lydia Deetz from “Beetlejuice” and Slipknot.

This amount of white representation within the community causes the exclusion of many alternative POC, especially women.

Dana Dillipede, blogger of “Dining with Dana,”  says society doesn’t permit black women to express themselves in ways they want to, putting them in boxes.

Musician Alicia Gaines said her classmates expected her to like rap, not metal, according to an October 2017 VOX article.

Laina Dawes, the author of “What Are You Doing Here? A Black Woman’s Life and Liberation in Heavy Metal” realized she wasn’t into the riot-grrrl scene because it was for white women, according to a May 2013 Bitch Media article.

White women with feminist values have not realized how race affects the experiences of women of color. This is not just a problem for WOC, either.

As a whole, stereotypes prevent POC from exploring styles, especially  “white” ones, convincing them it’s not meant for them.

If POC don’t stick to stereotypes, others will think they’re “trying to be white,” especially in their racial communities. Trying new styles shouldn’t cause someone to sacrifice race.

Paleness is also an alt stereotype. Designer Bianca Xunise said whiteness is valued in goth culture, according to an October 2017 VOX article.

This causes many POC to feel unwanted in the communities in which they’re trying to find acceptance.

Musicians of color aren’t taken as seriously as white bands in metal, preventing them from getting contracts, Dawes explained in a September 2017 PSmag article.

Companies see whiteness as preferred, causing them to sign white bands. Also, since whiteness is perceived as attractive, musicians will gain larger followings.

This further prevents POC in the alt scene from having representation.

Subcultures are made for people who feel outcast by society.

There shouldn’t be racial restrictions because it’ll further exclude people who already feel like misfits.