To Each His Own

Your article about Trey, politics, SUVs, crying, and mud was not only scattered, but misinformed. You put a blame on Trey and, indirectly, the Phish organization for their lack of political involvement that is wrong. You overlooked a large part of the Phish organization that bears political involvement: The Water Wheel Foundation.

On the Water Wheel Foundation’s web-site at it clearly states ” The Water Wheel Foundation was created by Phish in 1997 to oversee the band’s various charitable activities. These include the Touring Division, the Lake Champlain Initiative and the Vermont-based Giving Program. The Touring Division encompasses two main programs: fund raising for a selected nonprofit in each community Phish visits when on tour, and a Register to Vote campaign.”

I also disagree with your conviction, and the way that you addressed this conviction, that a public icon has some sort of civic duty or responsibility to influence their fans in a political sense. If one is going to cut down Trey/Phish for this, why not address every other entertainer in America’s Pop Culture who does not voice his/her opinion on politics or the need to vote. Just as you think they should, maybe these people think the public should do it without influence from an icon like themselves. Each to his own.