University treats FSL community unfairly

Ian Nathan

“Alpha Beta Chode” was chalked on the sidewalk outside of the Royall Tyler Theatre in spring 2017.

This phrase targeted a population on campus, yet nobody spoke up about it.

This University, for some time now, has pushed a hypocritical agenda that preaches awareness and respect, unless you’re a part of Fraternity and Sorority Life.

The FSL community on campus has been attacked and targeted within recent years, yet the school does nothing.

Students use school property to showcase a phrase that is meant to slander a whole community and what happens? Nothing.

Following the Black Lives Matter flag case, a sorority woman and close friend of mine recalled her professor saying “all fraternities rape” without regard for the FSL members in the class.

Nobody seemed to care. The class didn’t bat an eye and the students involved in FSL were afraid to speak in opposition of the professor to defend their organization.

A fraternity member drinks, and the whole school is up in arms.

We see a whole fraternity targeted because of one individual taking a Black Lives Matter flag, even though the fraternity separated itself from the individual by kicking him out immediately.

Yes, there were claims of hazing but, in that case, we should compare the incident to the men’s hockey team.

A player gets hazed and those involved get a five-game suspension. A fraternity member is hazed and the organization is shut down.

Do we not see the double standard? FSL holds a stigma that constitutes the acts of being treated differently.

Does this not raise the question of discrimination?

Show me another organization of students that raise tens of thousands of dollars each year for charities.

Now, show me an organization that doesn’t get commendation by the school it represents but gladly does it all over again the next year.

FSL members don’t care about the slander. All they want is to be treated equally.

Friends are stereotyped when wearing their letters, yet stereotyping is forbidden by the University – but the University is a hypocritical establishment that picks and chooses which organizations it wants to support.

The administration has members who attend award ceremonies for SGA, IRA and affinity groups.

Why do they not attend the FSL ceremonies? If you consider abandoning organizations as support, then FSL gets a great deal of support from this institution.