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No second chances in #MeToo

No second chances in #MeToo

Staff Editorial

December 12, 2018

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This time last year, #MeToo and the Time’s Up movement were in full swing. Hollywood actresses came together and spoke up about the abuse and power plays rampant in the industry, proving that even women who we perceive as more privileged are not safe. It was a venture into uncharted territory to see wom...

University treats FSL community unfairly

University treats FSL community unfairly

Ian Nathan

September 21, 2017

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"Alpha Beta Chode” was chalked on the sidewalk outside of the Royall Tyler Theatre in spring 2017. This phrase targeted a population on campus, yet nobody spoke up about it. This University, for some time now, has pushed a hypocritical agenda that preaches awareness and respect, unless...

Exposing  the sexual double standard 

<p>Exposing  the sexual double standard </p>

Anna Power

February 24, 2016

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Despite progress towards gender equality, there are still many areas where men and women are held to different standards. One such place, even on our own campus, is the bedroom. 2013 studies by Susan Sprecher of Illinois State University have shown that “both men and women considered casua...

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