The spookiest costume is gender roles

Tori Scala, Opinion Columnist

Halloween is approaching fast, and to everyone stressing about what costumes to wear, please chill out.

This upcoming Halloween, girls and guys should dress the way they want, rather than how society tells them to.

In college, Halloween is more than just a one-night holiday. It is two consecutive weekends, usually referred to as “Halloweekend,” which is full of parties and fun get togethers.

I’m not the only one who has heard of girls getting turned away from parties because they were not dressed a certain way. Sophomore Isabel Wilder had an uncomfortable  experience last Halloween.

Wilder saw many girls getting turned away from a certain party because the clothing they were wearing wasn’t revealing enough.

“I was horrified, I didn’t want to  be judged by how much clothing I was wearing,” Wilder said. “All I wanted to do was go back to my dorm after seeing that.”

It was almost as if your clothing is your ticket into a party.   

Sadly, Halloween isn’t the only occasion when girls are pressured to dress revealingly to get into parties.

This is happening on a weekly basis, and it is sexist and disgusting. Within college party culture, girls have to deal with high expectations of revealing clothing.

Halloween heightens this connotation that girls should be dressed a certain way.

Girls have feelings, and feeling unwanted and objectified is not a great feeling to have.

To all the guys reading this piece, pay close attention.

Imagine walking up to a house party with friends. The girls at the door look the group up and down, take in everything you’ve got and then tell you to leave.

Then you realize that you didn’t get into that party because you aren’t wearing skintight spandex and a bra, or even just a G-string.

My guess is no one would feel great, confident, pretty or wanted. Nothing good comes out of getting turned away because of how you dress.

This Halloween, why don’t guys show off those dad bods, wear tight spandex and rock what you got.

But girls aren’t the only ones who have to deal with ridiculous societal rules. Guys who want to dress up deal with their own demons.

There is often a connotation that guys can’t get overly dressed up, or dress in a feminine way.

Society often tells us  guys who get overly dressed up are too flamboyant and not manly enough.

Being manly enough or not showing enough skin on Halloween are two rules that make no sense in this day and age.

Both genders should not have to listen to these kinds of pressures from anyone, whoever that may be, whatever parties they might be throwing.

I think that a guy who goes all out for Halloween and has an original costume idea is pretty cool.

It’s about time guys stopped wearing their favorite sports team jersey and calling it a day. That is way too easy.

Guys and girls should not be subjected to the sexist dress code of college Halloween parties.

This Halloween, and every Halloween to follow, let’s all wear what we want and not listen to society’s stupid rules.