Welcome back to UVM

New schedules, free coffee, blank notebooks and well-rested students: all signs of a new semester at UVM. It’s that time of year again; everyone is return- ing to the beautiful campus we call home. Welcome, class of 2020! You’ve made the right decision by choosing to attend UVM and your next four years will be filled with countless opportunities to learn, grow and create lasting memories. 

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The start of this fall semester is even more special than usual for a number of reasons. If you haven’t noticed already, construction of the new residence hall and STEM building is well underway. Need the new and updated CatCard? You’ll have to head to Billings, because the Advising Center has filled its spot in the Davis Center. Here, your fellow students can give you advice on classes, majors and more.

One of the most unique and positive parts of being a Catamount is how inclusive and welcoming the UVM community is. This week there are two wonderful examples of this principle at work.

The women’s basketball team canceled a game at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill due to a law which prevents transgender people from using their preferred public restroom. The Cynic commends the athletic department, University officials and the women’s basketball team for this decision that represents UVM’s core philosophy. In the same realm, it was announced this week that the bathrooms in the Bailey/Howe Library will be converted to gender-inclusive bathrooms, following student protests last semester.

We encourage you to keep on picking up copies of The Cynic, distributed every Wednesday, in order to stay informed about all campus issues.

So sharpen those pencils, break out those Birkenstocks and grab yourself a scoop of Phish Food, because another semester at the beautiful Groovy-UV is about to begin.