When drugs and hookup culture intersect, swipe left

Tori Scala

Swipe right if you agree: Tinder is a toxic app that leads many into awkward situations in the UVM community.

If you’re unfamiliar with the app, it’s an online dating platform popular with younger users.

But these days, dating is not Tinder’s sole purpose.

You may come across the occasional “Want to smoke?” profile when you’re sober, and immediately swipe left.

But if you’re under the influence of drugs or alcohol, your sense of judgement is impaired, making that offer sound more enticing than it would be if you were sober.

Many underclassmen have resorted to Tinder to buy weed and smoke with others.

This can only lead to bad situations, not lifelong partners.

GQ magazine ran a study in April 2016 which outlined how easy it was to find drug dealers through social media platforms, one being Tinder.

The magazine stated that within hours, they matched with multiple dealers across London.

Now, of course the publication didn’t purchase any drugs, but this simple experiment outlined how simple it was for Tinder users to match with multiple drug dealers within a matter of hours.

From behind a smartphone screen, someone will decide if your pictures are worth their time, not to mention their cannabis.

When you match someone and they want to smoke while you’re looking for something more, it can be damaging for both sides.

In my opinion, many Tinder profiles are comical, not sexy.

Sometimes I’ll be swiping through and come across a profile with only pictures of cannabis. This is a good inclination of what the other user is up for.

People’s bios are also a good indication of what their true intentions are.

The usual “Want to smoke?” or “Looking for a good time, not a long time” are classics which immediately send up red flags for me.

If someone resorts to Tinder as an easy way to get drugs or sex, beware — they are not the right people to be around.

Throughout my time at UVM, I have noticed that more people use Tinder when they are under the influence.

This will, more often than not, lead to bad decisions that they will definitely regret the next morning.

Usually most Tinder users swipe through profiles at astounding speeds, not paying close attention to the people they’re swiping on.

Adding alcohol or drugs in the mix means that while your swiping speeds may be much faster, your standards are much lower.

Low standards will never lead anywhere promising, especially when you’re looking for drugs.

As a friend, the least I can do is make sure my friends don’t get into sticky situations through Tinder or other apps while under the influence.

My advice to others is to look out for your friends, and yourself.

You can never tell if someone’s intentions, or their cannabis, is real when you can only see them through an app, so watch out.

When in doubt, for any reason at all, swipe left.