Where are the student protests?

Dear Cynic,

Where are the protests and outrage among students these days? Have you noticed that we are about to go to war? Have you realized that if we indeed do declare war on Iraq, who the soldiers will be?

This march towards war is madness and there can be no more important task that to let our leaders know that their submission to the president’s vendetta is not supported by the voters. Historically students have led the way of demonstrating for peace and protesting mindless war. Now is the time to let the country know where our youth stands on this issue.

Protests aren’t the only way to express your opinions. Pundent’s agree that the demographic that has the worst voting record is the 18 – 24 block. We in Vermont are blessed to have excellent representation in Congress. The least all of us can do is to vote on Election Day and show our support. Bernie has been a voice of reason in an increasing storm of craziness in Washington.

Students wake up. Read the papers. It is your lives that are being discussed right now in Washington. Make sure Bernie gets re-elected by registering to vote and then doing it on election day. It takes so litle time. Your education may be worthless if you have to go to war in Iraq.


Jeff Forward