Why you don’t see Cynics on our stands

Staff Editorial

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the way the Cynic operates in many ways.

We’ve had to shift to a mostly remote reporting model, with editors interacting with writers over Zoom, Teams, phone calls, texts. Our writers have had to rethink how they carry out the reporting of their stories with most of their interviews being conducted with the same tools.

Our photographers have had to get creative. Our design team has had to deal with designing an entire paper on the front porch of a staff member’s apartment on a Mac Book Air.

And unfortunately, this pandemic has changed how students consume our content.

Week after week, the order sent to our printer in Trumbull, Connecticut shrank smaller and smaller as operations and distribution tried to find the sweet spot number that would allow us to distribute all Cynics and to ensure that most would get picked up.

The sad truth we have now come to is that with the substantially decreased traffic across campus, of students passing Cynic stands on their way to class or a meeting with their professor, it is not financially reasonable for the Cynic to continue its print issues.

The Cynic print issues will be back eventually, whether that’s this semester or the next. But for now the Cynic stands will remain empty and the Cynic’s content will shift fully online, on our website.

It’s important to remember that the Cynic will not shrink in any way. Our print-focused staffers will bring their amazing creativity to a variety of other projects and initiatives being planned.

The Cynic staff will still be doing their absolute best to bring its readers the content and truth they deserve.