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To the Editor:

This letter [originally an e-mail] is directed to the editor and author of a recent article that was published in the opinion section of the Cynic, an article entitled “Professor Unfairly Forced to Resign.”

First I would like to state how disappointed I am that the Cynic would print such an article in the first place.

This article is journalism at its worst. Despite the fact that this article was printed in the opinion section, it is still presented as fact.

As such, it should include information regarding both parties involved. If this information is unavailable, then those involved should choose not to print something so biased.

I have enjoyed articles in the Cynic for four years now, and find this article to be both offensive and inferior to the work that is normally produced.

This is a student newspaper and as such should be a forum for intelligent and responsible discussion.

The article in dispute is anything but that.

Just because the author has some incredible chip on his shoulder, it does not give him the right to present misinformation in order to achieve his goals. This is what is called “yellow journalism,” and is in complete violation of every ethical standard set down by modern media journalism.

The editor of this article should have undertaken the responsibility of demanding more from Nicholas Bewley.

The article is highly uninformed and seems to have been fed directly from Stephen Pastner himself.

I am requesting that the Vermont Cynic retract that article and print an apology to all the parties involved. Failing to do so would be a discredit to the Cynic and the quality that its staff normally produces.

Thank you for your time and consideration.