Your town, your vote

Over the next four weeks, the race for city council will be on.

This is no ordinary city council election, though. The creation of a new, student-majority district gives us a unique chance to elect new representatives for the first time in university and city history.

In many ways, a city councilor elected for and by students will be able to influence our lives as students more than any other public official.

Students have a unique opportunity to improve their lives in Burlington with this election.We’re close to success only if we overcome significant obstacles.

Apathy, lack of information and even timing will hinder a fair and successful election. Election day is during our spring break, forcing many students to vote absentee.

Yet last year, the most votes collected by a single city council candidate was just under 1,100 — one-tenth of the student body.

If the average student were asked to define the boundaries of these wards, that student wouldn’t likely (through no fault) be able to.

The location of voting areas, how to register absentee and when to vote are important aspects of the election which are not likely common knowledge to the average student.

Politics is a two-way street. Should a student city councilor be elected, it would be a huge victory for advancing students interests in Burlington, but only if they’re held accountable to those students.

As important as it is to elect the right candidate, it’s just as important for students to remain informed, involved and analytiacal.

The opportunities presented for students during this election allow us at the Cynic, as members of the media, an equally exciting opportunity: election coverage.

We are excited to be able to provide comprehensive coverage to the student body. We are just as excited to invite all candidates running opposed to debate, so that they may present and defend their platforms to their would-be consitiuents.

It’s our role to inform and analyze, to uncover and to criticize and to hold all officials, prospective and current, accountable. It’s a role we take very seriously.