Lacrosse player scores big

At the end of the season, it’s normal for a team to take note of the most positive traits that were displayed. For the men’s lacrosse team, it’s hard not to point out the stellar growth of first-year Cam Milligan’s into a scoring phenom.

A transfer from Towson, Milligan has thrived in his new role, putting up 26 goals so far this season, third most on the team. In addition, he boasts the highest number of assists at 32, over twice as many as the second highest player. Although he scored a goal in the season opener against Penn State, it wasn’t until the team’s third game against Providence College, when he put up four goals and two assists, that he began his hot streak.

Since that game, he has scored in every contest, including putting up four goals and 10 points to lead the team to victory against UMass-Lowell  March 21.

Head coach Ryan Curtis spoke highly of Milligan’s contributions on the offensive side of the ball. “Cam makes us a more dynamic offense”, he said. “He is a very good finisher but has shown to also have great vision. The number of assists he has is not typically what you would see with a typical ‘offball’ player. [He] is a very calm player; he is consistent in his play regardless of the situation. I think the other players feed off that.” Curtis said.

One of the most impressive parts of his season has been how he meshed with his new team. “Cam had the benefit of already knowing a few guys on the team, but even without that, he is a pretty easy going guy who fit in and was accepted immediately,” Curtis said.

Only time will tell what his ceiling can be in collegiate lacrosse, but if this season is any indication, look for number 24 to continue putting up points and leading the Cats.