UVM Greek goes to Greece

Out of hundreds of Sigma Phi Epsilon (SigEp) undergraduates competing across the nation, only 16 will have the opportunity to go on an all expenses paid trip Greece.

One of them will be junior SigEp member Drew Hughes.

Hughes will be the second student to go on the Tragos Quest to Greece in UVM’s history.

The Tragos Quest to Greece is a ten day journey through ancient Greece to learn about ancient Greek philosophy and leadership and to search for SigEp’s foundation, according to the SigEp website.

“One big thing they really want us to get out of this experience is how to teach so we can come back and share what we have learned and experienced,” he said. “We are going to learn how to live a balanced lifestyle throughout our entire lives.”

Hughes said that he feels like the most important part of the experience will be the people there.

“The people I meet there are going to be my friends for the rest of my life,” he said. “That bond that we will build through this incredible experience is going to be so strong.”

The trip will be from June 17-27, and all expenses will be paid for by the SigEp Education foundation, Hughes said.

“I am just stoked,” he said. “I am still speechless, it is such an honor to be accepted.”

Freshman SigEp member Justin Adelman said that Hughes is the reason that he joined the fraternity.

“Drew is SigEp,” Adelman said. “He fulfills every single quality of a good SigEp and a good fraternity brother as well as a good friend. He is a person who will make big changes in the world.”