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Relay for Life: an experience of hope and inspiration

Relay for Life: an experience of hope and inspiration

Letter to the Editor

April 7, 2017

Dear Editor, My name is Grace Murphy. I have never participated in a Relay for Life event until this year. I joined UVM’s Colleges Against Cancer club at the beginning of the year and I have committed a lot to this club. I have been inspired watching the donations made to my team throughout this event. I am...

$500,000 donated to find new breast cancer therapy

$500,000 donated to find new breast cancer therapy

October 18, 2016

Half a million dollars have been donated to a UVM research team in the hopes of creating a therapy for a rare type of breast cancer. The Susan G. Koman foundation has awarded a UVM professor $500,000 for breast cancer research. Dr. Jason Stumpff and his research team have been given the money to continue their...

Big hands responsible for cancer, university finds

Daltrey Burris

September 10, 2015

Last week medical scientists at Johns Hopkins University released the reports of their latest long-term experiment. Through repeated trials it was shown that participants who had a larger hand length than their face, were statistically more likely (p=.0012) to develop some form of cancer in the next f...

The lessons of cancer

Joey Oteng

February 17, 2015

What are you living for? It’s a moving question that could lead to various answers. Some would say a loved one while others would mention their goals of improving the world. More often than not, the answer would be absent or entail some overwhelmed rendition of “I don’t know.” It’s not a qu...

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