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Over 600 UVM students could face deportation after new Trump administration rule

Rain pours down on Immigration and Customs Enforcement's Law Enforcement Support Center  in Williston, Vermont July 8. This building is the

Kate Vanni, Summer Editor-in-Chief

July 11, 2020

Roughly 671 UVM students may be subject to deportation if UVM is forced to switch to an entirely online semester for Fall 2020 due to a new policy from the Trump administration. The most recent immigration policy announced by the U.S. Student and Exchange Visitor Program on July 6 states that any co...

Letter from the Editor-in-Chief: Need a fan? We’ll get you one.

A collage of 30 emails that were exchanged between a UVM student and the University of Vermont during the student's attempt to make their living situation better.

Sawyer Loftus, Editor-in-Chief

July 1, 2020

On July 1, the Vermont Cynic published an article detailing the conditions students who remain in emergency housing are living through.  These students are not on campus by choice.  They had no alternatives. Regardless of price, or any obstacle, the University of Vermont must care for these s...

UVM’s international students are feeling ostracized

UVM’s international students are feeling ostracized

Madeleine Cary

November 16, 2017

When I spoke to two different friend groups about international students, I was met with the same response: “I want to reach out, but…”  The consensus was that there is a huge divide between international students and everyone else. At best, it’s simply a matter of the general  societal ...

Challenges faced by international students

October 28, 2015

UVM’s international student population is growing and more resources will be required to meet their needs, but there are still struggles.“I’ve heard Americans call [The Marsh-Austin-Tupper Dorms] the ‘China Wall,’” said sophomore Stas Litvinenka, an international student from Belarus.About 25 p...

A students journey from China to Vermont

Emilee Conroe

October 23, 2015

Despite language barriers and homesickness, one sophomore international student began her first year at UVM this fall. Coming from Beijing, China, April (Yue) Qiao said she is hoping to remain in America for future educational opportunities, but there are still some challenges particularly when it...

International Students talk about their experiences

October 14, 2015

Different academic cultures, another language and 7,400 miles don’t seem to be enough to stop four UVM students from encouraging others to achieve their academic goals -- in addition to their own.  Sophomores Chen Yang, Kaseya Xia, Dave Chik and first-year Zhou Shihao’s understand the academic cha...

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