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Fighting against the fake news fad

Fighting against the fake news fad

Staff Editorial

December 6, 2017

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Every time Trump tweets, a reporter’s phone pings. This time, it was another attack on one of his favorite long-time targets: news media. “We should have a contest as to which of the networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverag...

Myanmar genocide ignored by the media

Myanmar genocide ignored by the media

Madeleine Cary

October 5, 2017

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We are glued to our Twitter feeds, distracted by meaningless gossip and our anxious anticipation of the latest crisis and catastrophe from Washington like an absent parent looking at her phone while crossing the street with a stroller. We are caught up in a deluge of bull---- while leaving d...

As journalism changes, so does election coverage

As journalism changes, so does election coverage

Chloe Chaobal

October 28, 2016

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A former New York Times reporter came to UVM to raise concerns on how the media does modern reporting. Former Washington Correspondent for The New York Times Adam Clymer has had decades of experience political reporting. Clymer spoke about the coverage of the 2016 presidential election Oct. 18 in ...

Stay informed and diligent

February 3, 2015

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We as a generation are soon to inherit this country. We have to do better. We have to care more.We have to ask questions. Its successes and failures from scientific innovations and booming business along with our problems of massive student debt, marriage inequality and urban gentrification will be ours....

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