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BREAKING: UVM students pulled out of Italy, as Coronavirus concerns intensify

A man and woman don masks at the Bernie Sanders Rally March 3, in Essex Junction. Concerns about the Coronavirus have influenced many peoples' conduct in the recent weeks, including the use of protective masks.

Ella Ruehsen, Cynic News Reporter

March 4, 2020

Due to the spread of Coronavirus, UVM students have been pulled out of study abroad programs in Italy as UVM advises faculty, students and staff traveling to impacted countries to reconsider. Gary Derr, Vice President for Operations and Public Safety said students from Italy programs are being moved,...

Coronavirus halts student’s China study abroad trip

Sophomore Shannon Murphy works on her Chinese homework in a coffee shop, Feb. 9. Murphy was one of two students intending to study abroad in China spring 2020.

Maryann Makosiej, Assistant News Editor

February 13, 2020

Despite a flight booked and bags packed, sophomore Shannon Murphy’s study abroad trip to China was canceled due to deepening concerns about the new, 2019 coronavirus. Murphy was one of two UVM students slated to go to China. Hesitation over the decision to cancel the trips was met with anger as stu...

How a Brit experiences the wonders of American college life

How a Brit experiences the wonders of American college life

Anna Rees

October 17, 2019

Some might say the transition from rural Wales to the U.S. wouldn’t come with many adjustments, but you couldn’t be more wrong. I’ve been here for just over a month and it’s fair to say my visit in Trumpyland has been an experience. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve got their similarities; w...

Sri Lankan Tea Pickers: Plantations and the Periphery

Between fall and spring semester, 12 students enrolled in the course Travel Writing in Sri Lanka. The trip lasted from Dec. 26 to Jan. 12.

Ali Barritt, Staff Writer

February 21, 2019

I found myself standing on a government-owned tea plantation in the Western Province of Sri Lanka, Dec. 30, 2018. My UVM classmates and I were just outside the Janaudanagama village, where we had lived for a few days. I was one of 12 students enrolled in the winter session course Travel Writing in ...

Taking on Thailand solo

Taking on Thailand solo

February 15, 2018

Traveling alone can seem scary and intimidating, but after spending a week solo in Thailand, I’ve come to prefer it. My adventure began while studying in Wellington, New Zealand. I set my mind to traveling alone to a place I’d always dreamed of visiting: Thailand. I was nervous before my solo ...

‘Becoming’ Nepali: stupas and studies

'Becoming' Nepali: stupas and studies

Ali Barritt, Cynic Correspondent

February 7, 2018

Over winter break I was one of 16 students travelling to Nepal that learned study abroad is not just a pursuit of education, it is a chance to become part of another culture. The three-credit travel study course in the department of community development and applied economics was led by Prem Timsina...

An experience of trying to study abroad senior year

Eva Bartels

October 26, 2016

During this current semester or in the spring, the most organized and put-together of the junior class will be studying abroad. Those who usually think ahead and manage to keep up with deadlines were able to start their study abroad applications and have them turned in during their sophomore yea...

Tips and tricks for studying abroad

Camilla Broccolo

October 20, 2016

Imagine this: every day you walk to class, you pass where Julius Caesar was killed, or the Vatican, or La Sagrada Familia or the Eiffel Tower. This could be the everyday life of a student studying abroad. If you’ve been thinking you need some time in Paris or Florence, here are some tips to make that happ...

Bonded over a broken down bus

Bonded over a broken down bus

Allie Parkin

April 8, 2016

I’ve always loved a good adventure - I read a lot of books when I was young, following lone heroes on brave and arduous quests. These quests rarely ever started with overheated engines or drunken Spaniards starting dance parties on the upper floor of a crippled double decker bus, but I guess every adv...

Stuck in a Stockholm suburb

The old town section of Stockholm, the capital of Sweden is pictured Feb. 10. PHOTO COURTESY ALLIE PARKIN

Allie Parkin

February 25, 2016

All college students know deep down that a month is not a long time. It certainly feels that way now, as I look out my window  at snow-covered playgrounds in the bustling city of Stockholm. At least, the part of Stockholm I’m living and studying in  – the quiet suburb of Bergshamra – b...

Ecuador trip sparks activism at UVM

Cotachi-Capayas Ecological Reserve is pictured Jan. 22. The policies of land use course was taught in Ecuador over winter break by lecturer Pete Shear. PHOTO COURTESY EMME TRAINOR

Jackie Flynn

February 24, 2016

After returning from a study abroad trip to Ecuador, two students are sharing  what they learned with the campus community. Sophomore environmental studies majors Emma Trainor and Margaret Gish plan to start a club at UVM aiming to promote environmental alternatives they learned during their time abroad. The environ...

‘Thanksgiving’ spent across the pond

Hunter Colvin

December 1, 2015

As we all know, Thanksgiving is a very American holiday. And Canadian. And Liberian. And Dutch. And actually quite a few more countries. My point being, it is not celebrated in England. Although, according to the Telegraph, the Brits are starting to celebrate American Thanksgiving more and more. ...

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