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Women in Politics: Rebecca White graduated UVM at 20 and joined Vermont government at 22

State Rep. Rebecca White grew up in Wilder, Vermont and attended the University of Vermont at the age of sixteen on a VSAC scholarship for low-income, first generation Vermonters.

Tulley Hescock, Staff Writer

April 2, 2020

Vermont State Rep. Rebecca White ‘15  stood behind the podium at the UVM debate house, reminiscing over the hours she spent practicing public speaking, used now in committee.  White grew up in Wilder, Vermont, and attended UVM at the age of sixteen on a Vermont Student Assistance Corporation ...

Women in politics: Vermont native represents hometown district at 24

The Statehouse chambers stand empty during a recess, Feb. 13. The chambers seat all 151 members of the House, as well as extra seating for members of the public and media.

Tulley Hescock, Staff Writer

February 26, 2020

Felisha Leffler wore a pin  that said “Young People Make a Better Vermont,” a sentiment she carries with her every day as a 24-year-old Vermont House Representative. Leffler grew up in Enosburg, Vermont, and now represents her town in the Franklin-7 district. Leffler knew she wanted to go into politics from...

Try VT’s new locally grown fusion politics

Try VT’s new locally grown fusion politics

Henry Mitchell

August 30, 2018

Let me introduce our brand-new invention: Progressivism Lite! Progressivism Lite is compatible with any Democratic candidate and requires minimal setup. Call out Trump, choose between being pro-LGBT or standing up for people of color and you’re good to go. Everyone will...

Sanders’ Tie-Dyed Primary

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Maggie Richardson

February 16, 2016

     The first thing I notice as I cross the parking lot are the men in suits. It’s thirty degrees—a clear day in Rindge, New Hampshire—but the men in suits don’t seem to notice. They have ear pieces that crawl out of their stiff collars like skin tone worms and one of them is wearing a bl...

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