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“Friends” Nepali restaurant makes you feel like family

Amanda Anderson, Staff Columnist

October 31, 2018

Alek Fleury On the day the first snowflakes were spotted in Burlington, the sky was gray and the 38-degree wind whipped through the autumn colored trees. I had not ventured out all day and was feeling crabby. All that changed when I stepped foot inside Friends Nepali Restaurant. Located at 212 Main St. in...

Tiny Thai worth the drive

Chris Leow

April 28, 2016

Tiny Thai delivers authentic flavors and a casual dining experience to make one great meal. This small, laid-back restaurant in Winooski strives to replicate how Thai food is actually enjoyed in Thailand. The space itself is appropriately “tiny,” but manages to seat a lot of people. However, it...

Spotlight on The Monkey House 

Spotlight on The Monkey House 

November 19, 2015

A small venue in downtown Winooski has been attracting UVM students who are looking for an alternative atmosphere to downtown Burlington. The Monkey House hosts four to five events a week ranging from local and national bands as well as a variety of other shows.  “We are open to anything, we host open mic nig...

Pingala: Vegan Food for Omnivores

 Nectar's celebrates 40 years in the running.

September 14, 2015

   As both an omnivore and a nitpicky jerk, it’s always bothered me a little to be called a carnivore. The confusion, if that’s what it is, likely stems from the fact that I eat meat with obvious enthusiasm. I’ve heard the term directed at other people who eat meat, usually by those who do n...

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