Spotlight on The Monkey House 

The Monkey House is on 30 Main St, Winooski, VT 05404

A small venue in downtown Winooski has been attracting UVM students who are looking for an alternative atmosphere to downtown Burlington.


The Monkey House hosts four to five events a week ranging from local and national bands as well as a variety of other shows.


“We are open to anything, we host open mic nights, storytelling and comedy,” manager Ali Fogel said.


“The Monkey, in addition to being a cool dive bar with an awesome staff, is a music venue and we bring in some very talented people,” said Kristina Lafferty, UVM graduate student and Monkey House bartender.


In the past, the Monkey House has hosted bands such as Beach House, Ex Hex and Tallest Man on Earth.


“As a small venue, we usually host the type of bands that are on their way to stardom,” Fogel said. “If you just want to go and have a drink you’re going to run into a band that you’ve never heard of and end up really liking them.”


“It’s great for seeing any up-and-coming bands,” said first-year Lily Sevin after seeing local band Bison play there.


Part of what sets the Monkey House apart from other venues is its location.


“Winooski bars for the most part aren’t as packed with college students as Burlington, so in general it’s a less rowdy atmosphere too,”  senior Kirsten Beard said. “Plus they’ve got a retro Pacman/Gallaga game that’s great to have a beer and play for the sake of nostalgia.”


“We have a really great staff, everyone is really friendly, and we are not downtown Burlington,”  Fogel said. “Everyone is always really respectful and fun and wants to be in a bar to enjoy themselves and listen to good music.”


Winooski offers a quieter, more laid-back atmosphere that downtown Burlington lacks, Fogel said.

“In Winooski in general we have a really great community feel and we just try to create a different atmosphere for people,” Fogel said. “We try to make it a really feel good vibe of just having fun.”


Fogel said most college students who go to the Monkey House have been polite.


“We’ve been noticing more college-age crowds on the weekends,” Fogel said.“When they are here, they’re here for the music and pretty respectful.”