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Bingo’s Newest Purpose: Sex

Gillian Symolon
Photo Illustration: UVM students created “Sex Bingo” to detail hookup locations around campus, challenging friends to complete the board.

Students on campus are taking sex out of the bedroom to pretty much anywhere you can think of with a sex-themed bingo game. 

College students living in dorms may struggle to find a private place to let their romance blossom.

Living with a roommate—or sometimes two—poses the likelihood of your room already being occupied, and you can only sexile someone at an ungodly hour so many times before you become annoying.

On occasion, people even resort to extreme, problematic options, such as having sex with their roommate still in the room.

One group of hormone-driven individuals created a new option, coming up with 25 crucial-to-campus-culture locations as hook-up spots, inventing a hot and heavy bingo board.  

“I thought the bingo board would help reinvigorate my friends’ boring sex lives,” Anonymous Participant One said. 

Though I find it hard to believe that college students’ sex lives would fall into any sort of boring routine, I respect the anonymous source’s drive to relight the passion in his friends’ relationships. 

Sexual boredom can have a number of negative side effects in one’s relationship, according to a Feb. 27, 2021, Psychology Today article. Keeping things spicy is not only fun but it’s healthy for your relationship. 

Sex bingo Participant Two was an advocate for the excitement the game has brought to his sexual activities. 

“I never would have imagined that this year I would be having sex on Champlain College’s campus. It definitely added a flair to my sex life. It may have revealed hidden kinks I didn’t know I had,” Anonymous Participant Two said. 

Jenna Emerson, a health and sexuality educator at UVM, reaffirmed Participant One’s statement as a potential upside to the game. 

“I agree it could be a positive to try something new; maybe you’ve always wanted to try to incorporate food into a sexual act but didn’t know how[…]now you have this board which fosters the conversation,” Emerson said. 

Noting UVM’s tradition of drag bingo and sex-toy bingo, Emerson said she was not surprised that UVM students made a sex game out of bingo. 

The downside could be that participants may feel pressured into trying something new that they aren’t too keen on, said Emerson. 

The competitive aspect can also pose problems around pressure. 

“If you have one square left you might feel like, well I have to do this, then the consent territory might get messier,” Emerson said. 

In fact, Anonymous Participant Three feels this way about the game. 

“I continue having sex in places I would never feel inclined to apart from this game,” they said. 

One participant enjoys the cutthroat quality of Sex Bingo. 

“I really like the competitive aspect that it brings. It’s fun to out those who don’t have sex and are losers,” Participant One said. 

People who are not sexually active are, of course, not losers, and Participant One’s attitude may demonstrate some of the toxic traits inherent to the game. 

In order to prove that a couple completed a square, they are required to send a photo in the location. 

“It’s a consummatory action, post-deed, that serves as a reward for our hard work,” Participant One said. 

Evidently, the sex itself pales in comparison to the joy of taking the post-coital flick. 

Participants in the game who are not checking off as many squares feel that the photos rub their faces in it. 

“My heart has been torn apart by my lack of sex in creative places,” said Anonymous Participant Four. 

Evidently, the Sex Bingo board is causing some wear and tear on the friend group. 

“I am tired of being naked and afraid,” Anonymous Participant Three said. 

Sex Bingo is not for everyone. Some may discover new kinks, and some may discover they do not enjoy sexual competitions. 

“Do not do something you don’t feel comfortable with just because it’s going to get you a prize,” Emerson said. 

The prize for Sex Bingo—at least within this friend group—is a vagina carved out of soap. 

If you and your friends feel like your sex lives are sparkless, maybe consider playing Sex Bingo. Not all of the squares are legal, though, so participate at your own risk. 

Just remember to keep Emerson’s words of wisdom in mind. 


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