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The shag and brag

Maya Surrenti, Culture Staff Writer December 14, 2023

Hookup culture has some nasty bedfellows, including how people boast about their sex lives.  Recently, I’ve noticed the constant hinting comments people make about how much sex they have, whether...

Photo Illustration: UVM students created “Sex Bingo” to detail hookup locations around campus, challenging friends to complete the board.

Bingo’s Newest Purpose: Sex

Maya Surrenti, Culture Staff Writer October 18, 2023

Students on campus are taking sex out of the bedroom to pretty much anywhere you can think of with a sex-themed bingo game.  College students living in dorms may struggle to find a private place to...

Mini opinions: Biggest icks

Opinion Staff December 9, 2022

Secretly in love with one of our opinion writers? Well, we have some exciting news for you. The opinion writers compiled a list of their biggest icks—things that turn us off immediately. So now, after...

Sneaky sex is better

Sneaky sex is better

Max Akom, Opinion Columnist December 8, 2022

Sneaky sex is better, it’s as simple as that. Whether it’s because of the risk, the effort and ingenuity, the connection to nature or even due to its unique ability to create comedic stories, sneaky...

Photo Illustration:  In a survey of 324 UVM students conducted by the Cynic, 62% said their roommate has requested that they leave their room for the sake of privacy to engage in a sexual act.

Sexiling: The unspoken college tradition

Maxine Thornton, Features Staff Writer December 7, 2022

A sock on the doorknob, a forewarning text, a locked door. What do these signals all have in common? Your roommate needs the room. The Urban Dictionary defines sexiling as when college age students...

The problematic glorification of porn

The problematic glorification of porn

Ayelet Kaminski, Opinion Columnist December 6, 2022

Content warning: mentions of pornography, sexual assault, child abuse and violence against women The internet has made pornography more accessible than ever, but at what cost? There are positive...

Photo Illustration: Students solicit sex through anonymous apps like YikYak as a way to be upfront without vulnerability.

“A social media gloryhole:” Students use anonymous social media to express sexuality

Halsey McLaen, News Editor December 6, 2022

“tall blonde alanna, i know you would give me the nastiest head of my life,” a Nov. 18 post on Instagram account @uvmhottiefinder reads. This and more raunchy content can be found all over the multiple...

Sex ed should not be gender-segregated

Sex ed should not be gender-segregated

Emma Dinsmore, Opinion Columnist December 5, 2022

Content warning: sexual violence, suicide Too often, sex education in schools occurs with splitting the class down a gender binary and teaching the girls about “girl things” and the boys about “boy...

What’s the deal with dating?

Eamon Dunn December 5, 2022

Welcome to Ask the Cats, where our very own Cynic writers answer all of your burning questions about society, culture, and just life in general. This week, we're talking about dating, kissing, and all...

Examining kink culture at UVM

Examining kink culture at UVM

Ellie Scott, Layout Editor December 10, 2021

Generational Gab: Sex Positivity

Emily Taylor, Podcast Host December 7, 2021

The Generational Gab is a podcast that explores the different aspects, challenges and quirks of Generation Z at the University of Vermont. This episode, hosted by Emily Taylor, delves into sex positivity....

Dont participate in hookup culture

Don’t participate in hookup culture

Christophe Meunier, Opinion Columnist December 6, 2021

I am a professional Tinder secretary. For the last year, I ran accounts for 10 of my friends and gave countless others advice on how to talk to women on dating apps like Tinder and maximize their profile...

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