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Things you can fit a condom on

Things you can fit a condom on
Stephan Toljan and Kate Vanni December 13, 2019

Malaysian condom company Karex made 5 billion condoms in 2016, accounting for roughly 15 percent of the world’s condom market, according to an August 2016 Forbes article. With this photo feature,...

Not as stressful as ‘the talk:’ Living Well office hours

On Thursday afternoons in the Living Well office, sexuality exert Jenna Emerson holds personalized walk-in sex-ed lessons where students can discuss anything from quirting and masturbation to refining Tinder profiles or professing love. Emerson started these office hours last spring when she noticed a high demand for one-on-one meetings to discuss students' love and sex lives.
Sophia Venturo, Staff Writer December 14, 2018

At sex education office hours, students line up to discuss pleasure, pain and emotional intimacy. On Thursday afternoons in the Living Well office, sexuality expert Jenna Emerson holds personalized walk-in...

How I made money off my feet

How I made money off my feet
Brigitte Riordan, Oddities Writer December 22, 2017

About a year ago I fell into a paid writing gig when I launched my online foot dominatrix domain. What kind of jobs are out there for English majors? Well, this is mine, and it was hardly well planned....

What do UVM students listen to during sex?

Sarah Robinson, Staff Writer December 14, 2017

“There was the time I was dry humped to Simon & Garfunkel's ‘Sound of Silence,’” first-year Garet Ewing said. Putting on some tunes to set the mood can make or break an intimate situation. ...

Get Trump out of the bedroom

Get Trump out of the bedroom
Sarah Heft, Senior Staff Writer February 18, 2017

I hate to admit it, but I have thought about Donald Trump while having sex. Not because he makes me weak in the knees, but because his anti-women policies can very well put myself and many others in...

Third time’s the charm: what I have learned

November 9, 2016

I recently had sex with a new partner. This new rendezvous bumped the number of guys I have slept with up from two. My “number” is now three. I have had sex with three different people. I thought...

Exposing  the sexual double standard 

Exposing  the sexual double standard 
Anna Power February 24, 2016

Despite progress towards gender equality, there are still many areas where men and women are held to different standards. One such place, even on our own campus, is the bedroom. 2013 studies by...

The myth, the legend, the hymen

February 17, 2016

The hymen is probably the most misunderstood part of the female body. You may have had your first experience with your hymen when you were 12 and wanted to try tampons. You might have mentioned this venture...

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