Burlington Cafe Superlatives

Maggie Swanborn, Culture Staff Writer

With so many great options for coffee in Burlington, it can be difficult to decide where to go. This list of coffee shop superlatives will help you find the perfect place to stop at the next time you are on Church Street. 

Best Vibes Muddy Waters 

Muddy Waters is an incredibly unique place that everyone should visit at least once. This place looks like an average coffee shop from the outside, but stepping inside is like stepping into a magical jungle. 

The interior is decorated with beautiful wooden beams and furnishings, and houses a variety of plants and large monster figure installations throughout. There is an abundance of interesting art all over the café. 

They also have great coffee and food, but this place comes out on top for the vibes alone. 

Best Place To Study Vivid Coffee Roasters

Sometimes it seems like getting a seat at a coffee shop for a Sunday study session with your friends is nearly impossible. If you don’t want to go through an entire mission to grab a table, Vivid is the perfect place. 

Vivid has two large rooms with lots of seating. The front room is filled with light and has a beautiful couch and fireplace. If you keep going past the coffee bar, there is a large room in the back with plenty more seating for doing homework with friends or working on a group project. 

Cutest Baristas Kru Coffee

Kru is arguably one of the most popular spots for coffee in Burlington. It has a variety of drinks, fun doughnuts and vintage Phish posters adorning walls around the establishment. 

The place is great, but the biggest perk has to be the cute baristas. Not only is the staff cute, but they are also incredibly friendly—nothing wrong with picking up a new crush along with your morning coffee. 

Best Latte Cosmic Grind 

If you are looking to treat yourself with the best latte in Burlington, you have to make a stop at Cosmic Grind. This cute little place is tucked away under a tattoo parlor so you will have to look closely for the signs, but once you find it, you will be obsessed. 

Cosmic Grind has galaxy murals on the walls, funky purple lighting and a fun space theme going on, hence the name. Despite all that, the best thing about this cafe has to be the coffee itself. They serve a variety of organic beverages including espresso, mocha, lattes, tea and other specialty drinks. 

Best Music Radio Bean

Radio Bean is probably the most unique spot on this list and one of the real gems of Burlington. This cozy underground coffee shop really stands out because it doubles as a music venue.  

There is live entertainment from a variety of genres seven days a week, so you can enjoy your coffee with live music any day you desire. This is also the perfect place to get to know local artists and engage with the community. 

They have something for everyone, including live music, theater, community events, puppetry, poetry, dancing, drag shows and more. Stick around until 9 p.m. when the coffee turns into a 21-plus venue with even more music. 

Best Food August First 

August First is a family-owned bakery near Church Street. It has an adorable interior with plenty of indoor and outdoor seating. 

You can’t take out your laptop, so you might not want to go here to get homework done. However, the no-technology rule adds to the atmosphere and lets the standout aspect of this spot—the food—shine. 

They have a variety of breakfast sandwiches, avocado toast, granola, croissants, maple biscuits, scones, cinnamon rolls and macaroons, and that’s not even including their lunch menu. 

All of their food is made from scratch in the bakery, so you know it’s guaranteed to be delicious. The “Ski the East” sandwich is absolutely amazing and everyone should try it. Also, be sure to grab some of the assortment of bread loaves they sell to bring home and save for later.