Cynic Fit Check: Asmodi Buntin

Olivia Nardone, Culture Staff Writer

Asmodi Buntin is a junior from Delaware and is majoring in molecular genetics. 

Buntin is wearing six layers today to defend against the cold Vermont winter. She recommends this as the best way to get through the chillier months. 

THE CYNIC: How would you describe your style?  

BUNTIN: I think it’s a cross between trad goth, vampire goth, dark academia and a bunch of stuff that I put all together. 

THE CYNIC: So, what are you wearing today? 

BUNTIN: Today, I’ve got on a bunch of thrifted pieces, old grandpa pants, this cool tuxedo style vest and this floofy pirate shirt. Then a bunch of gold accessories and silver jewelry. 

THE CYNIC: Where are your favorite places to shop?  

BUNTIN: Honestly, Goodwill. That’s where I get almost everything. I think with everything but the vest and jewelry I’m wearing today, I got from Goodwill. 

THE CYNIC:  What influences your style the most?  

BUNTIN: Probably different fictional characters that I like, as well as Pinterest. I like to have fun with different textiles and color palettes, but I usually use the same color palette. 

THE CYNIC: What would you recommend to someone starting to grow their wardrobe?   

BUNTIN: I would probably recommend getting a statement piece, something that you can wear everyday, that you can wear with a bunch of different outfits, a fun piece like a jacket or vest that you feel comfortable in and you can pair with so many other things in your closet. 

THE CYNIC: Where do you find confidence for dressing how you want? 

BUNTIN: I kind of have the same mentality of the little crazy old lady that you see—I kind of just don’t care anymore. So, I learned to have more fun, because you might as well since you only have this life. Go crazy, have fun!

THE CYNIC: Where do you start when picking out an outfit?  

BUNTIN: I usually start with one piece that I want to wear or a certain aesthetic that I want to go for, whether it’s more academia or if it’s more like trad goth. I just kind of try to fit a vibe that I’m going for and then I layer up until I’m happy with it.

THE CYNIC: What’s the biggest piece of fashion advice you’ve received or seen online?  

BUNTIN: Just do what you love and find pieces that are well made, that you really love and do what you want with them!

THE CYNIC: What are your favorite colors to pair together?  

BUNTIN: I wear black almost every day, I always have, and then I really love black, gold, cream and gold jewelry together. A fun, classic, vampy palette is probably my favorite. 

THE CYNIC: What’s some advice on dressing for winter?  

BUNTIN: So many layers. I have on about six today, just piled up.

THE CYNIC: What’s one of your favorite clothing items in your closet right now? 

BUNTIN: Right now, I’ve been wearing this vest that I thrifted recently because of this gold embroidery, and it’s new. It’s like when you listen to a song and you really like it, it’s stuck in your head and you listen to it constantly until it drives you insane. I have a tendency to do that with new clothes I get.

THE CYNIC: What’s one accessory or item that you can’t leave the house without?  

BUNTIN: Probably my giant red bag. Because I have so much stuff in it constantly because I’m always forgetting things, I just throw everything into this giant bag.