Cynic Fit Check: Sofia Martins

Grace Wang, Culture Staff Writer

Sofia Martins is a first-year student from Mattapoisett, Mass. and is pursuing a natural resources degree in the Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources. The charm and sustainable nature of thrifting influences her wardrobe and helps her to stand out, she said. 

THE CYNIC: When did you first start experimenting with your style?

MARTINS: When I was younger, I didn’t always feel like I fit in, so I decided to lean into it. If I dressed like I was different, then I was already embracing it. Now I kind of dress depending on my mood when I wake up in the morning—I use it to express my emotions. 

THE CYNIC: Run us through your outfit today. 

MARTINS: My shoes are from a thrift store in Colorado, my pants are vintage Ralph Lauren, my jacket is vintage Abercrombie, my sweater I got from a thrift store in Burlington—The Vault, downtown—and my hat is from Urban Outfitters. 

THE CYNIC: What is influencing how you dress at the moment?

MARTINS: Especially since it’s fall time, the goal is basically to look like a background character in “Gilmore Girls.” 

THE CYNIC: Do you feel like you had to downsize your closet coming to college?

MARTINS: At first, yes. But then I went crazy with the vintage shopping because it is so much better here than back home. So I definitely stocked up on some cool statement pieces. 

THE CYNIC: Why do you prefer thrifting and vintage shopping over regular retail?

MARTINS: It goes along with my belief in sustainability and reducing my impact on the planet. I try not to shop at fast fashion anymore because it makes me feel bad. [My style has] gotten a lot more unique and interesting because it’s all stuff that only you own. It’s like finding little treasures and collecting little valuable things that I love. 

THE CYNIC: Do you feel like you value the clothing you thrift more than if you bought it from fast fashion?

MARTINS: Definitely. They just have more charm to them. 

THE CYNIC: Does the college environment and being around so many people your age influence your style at all?

MARTINS: I definitely draw a lot of inspiration from outfits that I see people wearing. Sometimes—it’s kind of creepy—but sometimes I sneak a little picture so I can copy it later. 

THE CYNIC: Does social media influence how you dress at all?

MARTINS: I’m always updating my Pinterest board. I really like Emma Chamberlain, too, and I am always looking at her posts and seeing what she’s wearing.

THE CYNIC: What is your overall fashion goal? What do you want to look like?

MARTINS: I want to look cool. A little out of the box, but I want people to see me and be like, “oh, that’s sick.”