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Cynic Fit Check: What the editors are wearing

Vermont is defrosting, spring has sprung and the Cynic editors are stepping out into the new season’s new sunshine with style. Here’s what we look like off the page.

Sophia invests in timeless pieces for her wardrobe.
(Annalisa Madonia)

Sophia Balunek — Editor-in-Chief

“I like very tailored clothes. People tend to say I always look very formal but I try not to. I keep my clothes forever. I just really try to take care of them. So I still have some pieces that are like eight years old. I’m trying to wear skirts more as spring is approaching.”

Maxine chose to wear gold because she wore her hair curly. (Annalisa Madonia)

Maxine Thornton — Managing Editor 

“I don’t know if I’m a gold or silver person, I really change based on the day. Sometimes I’m feeling silver, sometimes I’m feeling gold. I don’t know what looks better on me. I wear gold if I’m feeling happier generally. It also depends on how I wear my hair. If I’m wearing my natural hair, like today, I feel like it goes better with gold.”

Grace tries to avoid clashing colors to have a cohesive outfit. (Annalisa Madonia)

Grace Wang — Culture Editor 

“I’m a firm believer that if the colors in an outfit are working, you can play with silhouette as much as you want. Clashing colors can ruin an outfit really fast. I try to have the shirt match the shoes and go from there when I pick out an outfit.”

Pastels and florals are common features of Emma’s outfits. (Annalisa Madonia)

Emma Dinsmore — Digital Media Editor 

“I would describe [my style] as a combination of feminine, cozy and overall girly-girl kind of style. I like pink, pastels and florals. If I’m feeling more tired or casual I’ll just wear sweatpants but if I’m feeling more excited, like happy, then I’ll dress up a little bit more.”

Ayelet prioritizes comfort while still attempting to appear presentable. (Annalisa Madonia)

Ayelet Kaminski — Opinion Editor 

“I try to be comfortable but to not totally look like a bum. How people perceive you can be influenced a lot by the way you dress and that is something I have to keep in mind. If I’m going on day two of wearing sweatpants to class, like, this is how I’m seen in the world. But also, you don’t want to be too out there. You need to balance a little bit, right?”

Annalisa leans more toward neutral tones with pops of red or green. (Sophia Balunek)

Annalisa Madonia — Co-Photo Editor 

“I lean more towards wearing mainly neutral colors and leaning into red because I have dark hair and dark eyes and I feel like that definitely goes. Fashion is a really big part of the culture here at UVM, so I sometimes try and get into that, but then also try and stay close to my roots of comfort. I’m not a jewelry person, but when I get a good staple necklace that I can layer, it’s just the perfect thing to bump up the fit a little bit from seeming boring.”

Emily’s favorite wardrobe piece is her red leather jacket that was recently purchased from a vintage market. (Annalisa Madonia)

Emily Kobus — Co-Photo Editor 

“I want to walk across the street and look like someone’s long-lost lover from 40 years ago, which is the goal here honestly, because if I don’t look like someone’s dead wife, I’m doing something wrong. I like cool, powerful shapes. My red leather jacket is everything to me. I found it at a vintage market three weeks ago and I’ve worn it half of those days. There’s something about a red leather jacket that simply can’t compete with anything else in my wardrobe.”

Liliana is inspired by other students’ fashion. (Annalisa Madonia)

Liliana Mefford — Features Editor 

“I wear mostly neutrals and I tend to focus more on the silhouette of how it looks. Like if you’re squinting and you see the outfit. The way that my hair, makeup and jewelry look makes a big difference in my outfit. I like taking inspiration from real life. UVM is a school that has really interesting style, even if it’s not necessarily my style, people wear interesting stuff here. I tend to take inspiration from somebody I see walking around.”

Andrew recently bought new shoes, which is big for him. (Annalisa Madonia)

Andrew Gould — News Editor 

“I wouldn’t say there’s a particular style or anything, I just kind of go with what works. I used to wear the same pair of sneakers around and now I am branching out a little bit, and I’m wearing different types of shoes. Which is big for me.”

One of Nick’s favorite styles is winter casual. (Annalisa Madonia)

Nick Anderson — Sports Editor 

“I love winter casual. It’s a lot of sweaters and pants and beanies, but I try to make it all coordinate. I got this beanie out of the back of my closet so it would fit with the sweater and gray pants. Whatever else I have left that’s still clean and any sweater that can help me fight the cold is usually what I base [my outfit] around.”

Molly likes to wear fuzzy scarves and comfortable outfits. (Annalisa Madonia)

Molly Parker — Illustrations Editor 

“For some reason every morning there’s one piece of clothing that I know I want to wear, and then I’ll style an outfit around it. Earrings, or socks are another big thing. Like I’ll know what kind of socks I want to wear, and then I go around that. One thing and somehow it pops into my head. I’m like, I want to wear this, and I’ll figure it out from there. I’ve been really into scarves lately.”

Charlotte likes to wear bandanas to add a fun element to her looks. (Annalisa Madonia)

Charlotte Burns — Podcast Editor 

“My style is generally pretty comfortable and relaxed. [I wear] lots of green, blue, a little foresty, but like an outdoorsy person that doesn’t actually go outside very much because I do just kind of sit in my room and play Mario Kart a lot.”

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About the Contributors
Grace Wang, Culture Editor
(She/her)  Grace Wang is a sophomore environmental science major with a minor in reporting & documentary storytelling from Ann Arbor, MI. Throughout her time with the Cynic, she has been a culture staff writer and photographer before transitioning to editor of the culture section in the fall of 2023. In her free time, she enjoys rock climbing, swimming in the nearest body of water and writing. Email [email protected] to get in contact with Grace.
Annalisa Madonia, Co-Photo Editor
(She/her)  Annalisa Madonia is a sophomore majoring in public communication with minors in food systems, applied design and nutrition and food sciences. She joined the Cynic as a staff photographer before taking on the role of photo editor. In her free time, she loves to combine her passion for baking and photography with food photography. Email [email protected] to get in contact with Annalisa.
Sophia Balunek, Editor-in-chief
(She/her) Sophia Balunek is a junior majoring in Geography with a minor in Wildlife Biology. She joined the Cynic her first-year as a staff photographer, then became Photo Editor her sophomore year, and is now stepping up to Editor-in-chief. Outside of the Cynic, she has produced independent photography projects the past two summers. One was a multimedia project with Platte Basin Timelapse called Momentary Encounters about people’s relationships to birds in Lincoln, Nebraska, in which she received the Environmental Program’s Ian Worley Award. In the other, she documented the work of an international charitable foundation in Kenya. In her free time, Sophia enjoys birding, photography and reading. Emil [email protected] to get in contact with Sophia.