Cynic Fit Check: What the new editors are wearing

Eamon Dunn, Culture Editor

A new semester is full of new things: classes, seasons, and of course, Cynic editors. While we miss those of us who graduated or moved abroad, the new crew is just as stylish. Here’s what the new—and one of the old—Cynic editors are wearing.

Sophia Balunek

Maxine Thornton Features Editor 

“I think my style mostly changes from day to day, but I like to keep as many thrifted pieces in my closet as I can—I just feel like they’re more unique and have more character.”

Sophia Balunek

Molly Parker Illustrations Editor

“I’d say I would describe my style and what I like to wear as kind of just a little experiment. I like to do stuff with colors and patterns, so when I’m making an outfit, that’s what I’m thinking about the most. Also, I thrift pretty much all of my clothes. I don’t really like to buy them first-hand—it’s more fun that way.”

Sophia Balunek

Andrew Gould News Editor

“I like wearing blue. I wear a lot of flannel and crew neck sweatshirts, [and] in the warmer months I wear a T-shirt. Yeah, you know, I wear what works.”

Sophia Balunek

Kira Schaefer Podcast Editor

“For my style, I really take inspo from ‘90s Jennifer Aniston in ‘Friends.’ I love her classic style and I love how she has a lot of staple pieces in her wardrobe. A lot of sleek black clothing, little black dresses, and I really love looking very put-together and having very basic pieces styled in different ways.”

Sophia Balunek

Catie Segaloff Copy Chief

“I like to dress for myself. I dress in what makes me comfortable, and I think recently I’ve been starting to go out of my comfort zone a bit more—and my comfort zone is jeans and a T-shirt—so I’m trying to expand from [that].”