Ask the cats: answers for your questions

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Hey readers!

Sofia Gratton

Here are this weeks first question: Do you think friends with benefits work?

Gary Purr: Not really. I have the opinion that when two people are friends with benefits one is bound to eventually develop feelings for the other. I think it’s hard to be close enough with someone to call them a friend and also be intimate and not have one person eventually want it to be a relationship. 

Catphrodite: I do not think FWB works. In my experience, the relationship either loses the friend aspect fast and it just becomes about sex or one party develops feelings and that is also complicated. They can work for some people, but most of the time it ends messily. I have never met a pair of people who were FWB that were able to remain the same level of friends they were before adding in benefits. 

Purresh Garimella: There is literally a whole movie about why this is a bad idea. Unless you are both emotionally unavailable, or really good at compartmentalizing, or just that horny, I don’t foresee many scenarios in which this is a good arrangement. If you are desperate to make it work, communication and mutual understanding are key. The second one of you starts feeling something more than just besties who bone, the other person should know right away. Otherwise, the feelings are going to fester until you inevitably despise the other person and yourself. I suppose the one upside is that you’re intimately involved with someone you already know, like and trust. But is that really worth possibly losing their friendship if things go south? Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake would say not really. 

Catty Prelock: Ultimately, I don’t think friends with benefits works. Someone will probably catch feelings or want more than what the relationship was agreed to be. Oftentimes, the friendship also ends. When the benefits part is over, it’s difficult to readjust from being that intimate with someone to all of a sudden just stopping and acting as if nothing ever happened.


Sofia Gratton

Here’s the second question: What are your thoughts on period sex? Is it a yes or no?

Meowonce: It’s a yes from me. If both of you are cool with penetration during that time of the month, go for it, if not, there are still ways to get off without putting anything in — remember the clitoris is the only part of the body that exists just for sexual pleasure!

Catphrodite: Period sex is a no for me. I do not mess around with blood magic, and that is essentially what period sex is. If you have sex while on your period, it is an act of magic where the sexual energy from your experience and your menstrual blood combine to make your partner obsessed with you. Haven’t you all seen Midsommar? 

Catty Prelock: You do you! If you and your partner are cool with the mess and it brings you pleasure, then more power to you. 

Hello Kitty: It’s a yes for me. I think that if someone is down to have sex with you while you’re on your period is someone who really loves you, you know? I also think being comfortable enough with someone to have sex with them while on your period, or vice versa, is very romantic and intimate, especially since a lot of people would be grossed out by period blood. Also, I hear that period sex helps a lot with cramps as well. So, if you are ok with having sex on your period, I’d say go for it, especially if you trust the person you’re doing it with and if you’re having really bad cramps.