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Staff Recommends: Best movies for a fall night in

Molly Parker
Molly’s illi for the culture staff fall movie recs

Temperatures are dropping and the idea of leaving our cozy beds and making the trek to go out at night is steadily becoming less appealing. 

A night in is calling our names, and the best way to spend it is snuggled deep in bed with the glow of one of these movies keeping us warm. 

Dead Poets Society — Carolyn Kelly

“Dead Poets Society” is a masterpiece drama that is best enjoyed in the fall. It begins at the start of a new academic year with the color palette of a New England prep school in autumn, set in none other than Vermont.

As one of Robin Williams’ best performances, this movie is nothing short of fascinating. He plays John Keating, a new English professor who earns the respect and engagement of his students through unorthodox methods of teaching.

Although it has many moments of humor and lightness, this movie is, more than anything, utterly moving. If you seek to feel inspired both creatively and academically as the school year rolls along, carpe diem and watch “Dead Poets Society” for your next movie night.

Remember the Titans — Maggie Swanborn

Fall football Sundays are the ideal cozy fall day, but sometimes you want the vibes of a football game without having to actually watch one.

“Remember The Titans” is perfect for your next fall movie night, complete with Denzel Washington, a fall setting, a football dance scene and Ryan Gosling singing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough.” 

The story follows Coach Herman Boone, who attempts to integrate the local high school football team. It is a true story about a team that learns to join together, overcome challenges and respect one another. This movie has the perfect fall setting, hence the football theme. 

If you aren’t a sports person—don’t worry. This movie has something for everyone, including a great soundtrack that doubles as the perfect fall playlist. Though if the Ryan Gosling thing wasn’t enough to convince you, then there’s nothing more to say. 

Fantastic Mr. Fox — Tatum Johnson

Wes Anderson’s unique take on the classic story by Roald Dahl is the perfect movie to enjoy cozied up with some delicious apple cider.

The stop-motion film follows Mr. Fox and his epic quest to steal from the nasty farmers in his neighborhood, but his raids don’t always go to plan. His antics put all of the local animals at risk, and Mr. Fox has to get creative to protect his family and the community.

This story reaches many audiences with its wide array of character arcs: a young fox’s coming-of-age story, an opossum facing his fears and Mr. Fox fighting to save his marriage in the midst of a crisis.

The beautiful fall landscapes, quirky original soundtrack and stellar cast of this movie make it a fall classic for all ages to enjoy.

Coraline — Peyton Paquette 

The tantalizing tale of “Coraline” written by Neil Gaiman and adapted into a film by Henry Selick is the perfect fall movie to cozy up to while also getting into that spooky autumn spirit.

This stop-motion film is jam-packed with themes of adventure and discovery. As we start the film, we see our main lead, Coraline, and her parents move into the Victorian-style “Pink Palace Apartments.” 

Early in the movie, Coraline expresses disgust and distaste toward having to move away from her friends. 

She never wanted to move, and these old shabby apartments were certainly not a good trade-off for the home she always knew. After all, they were just some normal, run-down apartments. Or so she thinks.

As we travel further into the film, Coraline discovers a secret door that leads to an alternate reality where she has everything she’s ever wanted, including a non-workaholic dad, amazing food and a mom who shows genuine care to Coraline. Everything seems too good to be true. And it is.

I won’t spoil any more details about this amazing movie that could captivate even the sourest of movie haters. 

All I can say is that if you’re looking for an adventure-filled movie to cozy up tight with your friends—mostly due to the fact that the other mother is freaking terrifying—Coraline is certainly the pick for you.

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