Basement rock unearthed

Garages and rock go hand in hand – there is an entire genre of music entitled “garage rock.”

In rock n’ roll, the basement band is the true emblem of what it means to be “in it for the music,” the chief symbol of youthful energy and friendly rockin’ out. 

Townsend Revenue is one such band, a reminder that sometimes the music is what matters – getting loud and proud in a band with your friends and feeling kick-ass. 

The Essex band consists of first-year Max Mashrick on guitar and vocals, Bryant Crocker, 18, on guitar, and Essex High School seniors Ryan Mills on bass and vocals and Tyler Herrity 17 on drums and vocals. 

After playing a few shows recently, including one at Higher Ground with Radical Something and Down With Webster, the Cynic decided to drop in on one of their practices and hear from the band themselves.

Vermont Cynic (VC): How did you guys start as a band?

Tyler Herrity (TH): There was a battle of the bands contest – us three, minus Bryant – and Ryan, Max and I were all in a band together. We had another guy in the band, and he couldn’t play in the battle, so I was all, “I’m gonna start another band.” 

Max Mashrick (MM): And here we are – the rest is history.

VC: How would you define your sound?

Ryan Mills (RM): The Beatles. All the Beatles.

TH: Anything we feel.

MM: I think if we had to pick a band we sound like – it would have to be Blind Melon. I know personally I like it when guitars are loud and heavy. I listen to Descendents, Minor Threat. 

VC: Alrighty – working on any material coming up?

TH: Yeah, we put out a demo, and it’s been primarily laziness on my part why we don’t have more. (Laughs) I just need to sit down and fix it all up.

VC: As a band, where do you want to be in a year?

MM: Hopefully, in the future, we’ll be playing bigger shows. There was the Higher Ground show recently, we’d like to do more stuff like that.

RM: Yeah, we’ll move to L.A. for the summer. Record an album, break big. You know, instead of Breaking Bad.

VC: How was the Higher Ground show?

MM: It was fantastic. It was Sept. 24, 2013 – I remember the day, ’cause I remember growing up here in Burlington I would go to shows there, and there would be big names that would come through there. It’s unreal to get to play on the same stage as them. It was kind of crazy, y’know, we had our own dressing room, and everything. 

RM: Then the headliner came and gave us their sloppy seconds for dinner – their food, I mean. They were delicious.

VC: Any shows coming up?

MM: Well, it’s not set in stone, but we very well may have a show coming up right around the start of Spring semester. Stay posted on that.