Best of UVM

Culture Staff

The Culture staff curated a list of places we wish we knew about during our first few weeks at UVM. Once you’re unpacked and settled in, take time to wander campus and check them all out.


Best Dining Hall:

Redstone – Located in Simpson Hall, Redstone Unlimited Dining offers several different comfort foods, grilled favorites and vegetarian options, as well as the Food On Demand system. Students order their meal at a kiosk and are notified when their food is ready for pickup via a paging system. The fries are hot, the ice cream is great,  there are plenty of booths and comfortable seats, and no one there will judge you if you have cereal for dinner for the fourth night in a row.


Best Retail Points Spot:

Skinny Pancake – The Skinny Pancake is the perfect place to treat yourself. Stop in to try their new chocolate spread, an eco-friendly alternative to Nutella which is available in their Choco Nutty crepe. And, if you get a crepe with an egg before 11:00 a.m, you get a special deal on a cup of coffee! It might be expensive, but this place is worth the wait and the price.


Best Bathroom:

4th Floor, Williams – Williams is not only hands-down the best building on campus, but every single one of its bathrooms has character–and the fourth floor bathroom is no exception. You can enjoy a great view of central campus while you wash your hands in a sink that has two faucets, and search for art-student doodles in every stall (or add your own!).


Best Place to See Art:

Fleming Museum – The Fleming Museum is Vermont’s leading art and culture museum, and chances are it’s only steps away from your dorm. Admission is free for all students. With over 20,000 artworks and artifacts in its collection, there is always something new to see. The featured galleries change each semester, and an opening reception with free food is always held for each. The Museum hosts several events per semester, everything from artist talks, to tours, to the Painted Word Poetry Series, a poetry reading series held in the museum’s atrium.


Best Rec Sport:

Canoe Battleship – What’s more fun than hurling bucketfuls of water at your enemies while trying to stay afloat? Fight to be the last boat standing in the Canoe Battleship tournament, a Campus Rec hit. Work with your team to sink the other three canoes in the pool before they can sink you, using a bucket, a shield, and your wits. The two teams that last the longest in the 15-minute heat move on to the next round, while their enemies sink to the chlorinated depths.


Best Place for Self-Care:

Living Well- With everything from yoga to free condoms, Living Well is UVM’s center for self-care and relaxation. Stop in for a free massage, mindfulness session or the room of relaxation, complete with calming music and a wonderful massage chair. Living Well also hosts sexual health programs and de-stress events, like arts and crafts.


Best Hidden Spot:

Greenhouse – The UVM Greenhouse is located behind the Marsh Life Science building and open to the public from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. The greenhouse features plants for sale most seasons of the year. Browse for an autumnal mum or a springtime bloom. Come winter, if you find yourself with some dreary cabin fever, go walk up and down its aisles of luscious green.


Best On-Campus Coffee:

Henderson’s CaféConveniently located on the third floor of the Davis Center, attached to the UVM Bookstore, Henderson’s provides an array of coffee and espresso drinks. The Maple Madness is delicious hot or iced, and the slouchy chairs around the fireplace are cozy to study in all afternoon long. If you are running between the library and class, Henderson’s is the perfect place to stop for a pick-me-up on the way.


Best App:

Rider bus app – UVM’s bus system is a great way to get around campus, especially when Vermont’s signature winters arrive. Unfortunately, trying to figure out the schedule as you run to your next class can be a daunting task. Rider is a free, easy solution that shows you where any bus is at any given moment, as well as estimated times of arrival for popular stops. Just download the app and enjoy the wonders of heated public transportation.


Best Free Stuff:

Brennan’s popcorn – While Brennan’s has a menu full of tasty options, one of their best dishes doesn’t cost a cent. Whether you’re rewarding yourself after a long day of classes or craving a mid-afternoon snack, Brennan’s salty, buttery popcorn always hits the spot. Grab a bag, fill it up and crunch away.