Meet your candidates: Christina Wehry

What is your number one issue if you are elected to office?

Inclusion. I want to ensure that information about SGA efforts is available to students in every medium possible, that students have every confidence that President Fogel and our administrators are working to their benefit and that students feel comfortable working with SGA. The accessibility of improvement by students for students is ultimately why SGA exists, as president I seek to ensure that SGA is fulfilling this commitment.

What experiences here at UVM do you feel qualify you for holding the office of SGA president?

I’ve been an activist on this campus for the past three years. I’ve raised $17,000 for local non-profits and I could go on to list my other accomplishments. But in all of my efforts I’ve learned that the most important tool a student leader has, are ears. There is a lot to be improved on this campus and I can lead us into those changes. But most importantly I want to be an available resource for the student body. That is the ultimate qualification.

In what ways do you feel being active in student government is beneficial to yourself and the University?

I love being a part of this University. I have thoroughly enjoyed my three years here and expect to love next year as well. I’m running for president because I want to make sure that all students have what they need to enjoy their time here. Students’ working for students is beneficial for all involved because we’re working with each other to improve our campus in ways that will effect us all in positively.

What should we do with the bus on weekend nights to deal with some of the problems?

Transportation and Parking Services is working very hard to solve the problem of the week-end route buses. They have become our main feature for traveling safely and freely at night. What I believe has been decided recently is the addition of a third bus to the route; buses will be traveling every 10 minutes instead of every 15. I fully support this decision and every effort being taken to transport students safely between campus and the downtown area.