Meet your candidates: Lydia Morin

What is your number one issue if you are elected to office?

The more students I talk to, the more I realize that all student interests and rights need to be protected. If you check out my platform on the SGA web site, I think you’ll see that this very broad issue is reflected in a number of the important concerns that I have and that I share with the majority of students.

What experiences here at UVM do you feel qualify you for holding the office of SGA president?

My diverse and student experience both as a leader and participant in clubs and activities such as Leadership TREK(both), UVM tennis league, Next Step & Alternative Spring Break(participant), CAB(chair). I think another important factor is that I’ve spent time just hanging out in the dorms and going downtown meeting so many of the great people who are part of UVM, who aren’t overly involved in school activities, but have a lot of cool non-school things going on.

In what ways do you feel being active in student government is beneficial to yourself and the University?

Last fall, I became really concerned with the accessibility of the late-night shuttle. When I lived on campus, I appreciated this bus so much and I know that on-campus students still do. I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes work on hopefully making the late-night something that everyone can use and respect. That means going to meetings and making sure the student needs are met and their rights are protected.

What should we do with the bus on weekend nights to deal with some of the problems?

The behavior on the bus has gotten a bit too rambunctious, there are the few that are simply out of control. We need to remind the riders that student safety and bus driver’s is compromised when windows are being smashed. One thing that I’ve been working on is making it easier to take the bus back up by putting bus stop signs with times so that students won’t be chasing it and falling over snow banks to get it.