The year in Cynic photography: 2019

Bridget Higdon, Editor-in-Chief


At the Vermont Cynic, we don’t just break the news. We show it to you. 

These photos tell the story of 2019 at UVM in still moments and vivid color. Cynic photographers caught people in moments of pure joy and deep anguish. The shutter snapped mid-sentence and mid-stride.

To tell the story, our photographers maneuvered their way through crowds, braved the cold and the ice. 

During 2019, students danced and sang along at one of the most attended SpringFests to date. The University welcomed Suresh Garimella as its new president and the board of trustees made new decisions about tuition and construction. 

Students took to many different stages to show off their artistic and musical talents. Students also took to the streets to raise their voices about issues like climate change, social justice and academics. 

As 2019 comes to a close and the next decade begins, take a look back on the moments that made this year one to remember. The Cynic will see you in 2020.