Nurses strike deal with medical center


Sawyer Loftus

Molly Wallner, lead negotiator for the nurses, reads from a statement at a Sept. 28 press conference outside UVMMC.

Sawyer Loftus, Assistant Breaking News Editor

After eight months of negotiating UVM Medical Center nurses and the administration have struck a lasting deal.

The nurses announced the vote by union membership in favor of the contract via Facebook Sept. 27, the night before a scheduled press conference in front of the medical center. The union represents around 1,800 nurses and other medical staff that work at the medical center.

The nurses were negotiating for a 28 percent salary increase over three years, but the majority of nurses in the union voted in favor of a 16-percent base pay increase over the next three years, according to the post.

We’ve proven to everyone that we will do whatever it takes to fight for our patients and the wellbeing of the community we live and work in,” the post stated.

The nurses are set to hold a press conference in front of the medical center to officially announce the results Sept. 28 at 9:00 a.m.

The contract will go into effect immediately, the post stated.  



This story will be updated as more details become available.