Students find nude man in hall

Students find nude man in hall

A naked man was found by students using the men’s restroom and knocking on students’ doors in Converse Hall.


Police services received a report of a man using the showers in Converse Hall March 16.


When they arrived he could not be found. 


First-year Cormac Lonergan walked in on the man standing naked in front of a mirror in the

men’s restroom.


“I was pretty shocked,” Lonergan said. “It was pretty crazy.”


The man was trying to use the bathroom’s shower but was having difficulty, he said.


“He said he thought he locked the door,” Lonergan said.


He described the man as being in his 40s or 50s with grey hair and was around 5-foot-10.


“My friends and I called police services right after [seeing the man],” Lonergan said. “I

think they definitely did a good job.”


The man was also knocking on people’s doors, he said.


When the officers arrived, they spoke with students and ResLife offi cials, said UVM police

Deputy Chief Tim Bilodeau.


“The residents indicated a man in his 60s was using the bathroom,” Bilodeau said.

“When our officers went there they spoke to other people who had indicated [the man] had

been there before.”


Bilodeau highlighted the importance of making sure doors are closed and not letting non students into residence halls.


“We don’t want people using the residential halls who don’t live there,” he said.


ResLife has told students not to prop doors open in residence halls, said Joe Russell, associate director of residential education.


“A typical response is to call UVM police to come investigate or take action,” Russell said. “ResLife would then work with residents to help them feel safe.”


There have not been any recent events like this, he said. 


“Our hope is this is not an ongoing thing,” Russell said.


He feels both police services and ResLife handled the situation appropriately.