Times change in class passing periods

Class schedules will change next fall due to planned construction for Central Campus.

Provost David Rosowsky announced in an email Nov. 14 that next semester time between classes will be extended from a 15-minute interval to a 20-minute interval.

“As part of planning for significant physical improvements to our Central Campus, we’ve given extensive consideration to the impact construction will have on current pedestrian routes,” Rosowsky said in the email.

The new class schedule can be seen on the Registrar’s website.

“It seems like a good idea with the construction,” junior Adam Sminkey said.

However, Sminkey has never had any problems making it to a class on time before, he said.

“Personally, I’m not gonna be here so I didn’t really care all that much,” said sophomore Emily Madsen, who will be studying abroad next fall.

“If I were going to be here, I would say it would probably be kind of annoying,” Madsen said.

“It doesn’t take that long to walk to classes anyway, but I understand if there were construction, it would make sense,” she said.