UVM Medical Center and Medical School selected as testing site for COVID-19 vaccine


Kate Vanni

UVM Medical Center stands on UVM’s campus April 22. The Center, which has treated COVID patients since the beginning of the pandemic, will now be a vaccine trial site.

The UVM Medical Center and the Larner College of Medicine will be a trial site for a COVID-19 vaccine, according to an all-staff email from UVMMC President and CEO John Brumsted.

The medical center and school were selected by the vaccine producers Oxford University and AstraZeneca and the trial will last two years, according to the email. Over the course of the trial at least 250 people from the region will be included as well as about 30,000 other people from across the country.

“While we must continue to do all we can to slow the spread of COVID-19 via hand-washing, masking and distancing, the development of an effective vaccine will represent a giant leap forward in the fight against this terrible illness,” Brumsted said. “Put simply, it will save many lives.”

The trial is considered a “phase 3” FDA trial, according to the email. All Phase 3 trials were recently halted to review specific symptoms that some trial participants experience, Brumsted said in the email. However, the FDA has cleared the AstraZeneca trial to resume testing, the emails stated.

“Participation in this trial highlights the tremendous regional value of our academic mission, as well as the strength of our entire network,” Brumsted said. “Our affiliates will have an important role to play, as many patients across our network may be participating.”

People interested in joining the study can find more information on the medical center’s website about the study.