Children shouldn’t have to save the world

Emily Johnston, Assistant Opinion Editor

A teenage girl is staring at a dictator and his media foes and friends; her eyes locked on the target of her anger.

She has people lined up behind her; the spearhead of the resistance against a government not for its people but for the elite.

This is not the “Hunger Games,” this is America in 2020.

Claudia Conway, the 15-year-old daughter of Kellyanne Conway, is at the head of national news for consistently being a whistleblower of sorts on her social media.

Kellyanne Conway and several other officials in the Trump-close-knit crowd attended an event for Judge Amy Coney Barrett to officially nominate her to the supreme court on Sept. 26.

Claudia Conway was the one who broke the news of her mother having the coronavirus, which confirmed the fact that the Judge Barret event was in fact a super spreader.

The Conways and several other notable families were exposed to the virus at this event.

It is a sad state of affairs when government officials who are supposed to protect their citizens from enemies like disease instead spread it themselves.

It is also a sad state of affairs when the most accurate information about who is infected and where they got infected comes from the teenage daughter of an elite.

The fact that so many online are now hailing Claudia Conway as some sort of heroine for simply posting that she was scared of getting the virus from her mom is wrong.

Claudia Conway is not a heroine. She is a child living in an abusive household with narcissists who care more about public image than the safety of their family.

She is not the left’s newest hero. She is currently fighting the coronavirus given to her by someone who is supposed to protect her.

Claudia sought emancipation from her parents in August this year.

This led to her mom famously resigning then stating in her posted resignation letter, “less drama, more mama.”

More mama, to her, means infecting her daughter with the new plague and quarantining together. 

Children should not be in charge of the resistance movement and social media needs to stop wishing for Claudia Conway to break more information.

Instead of putting children at the forefront of movements, we should focus on changing policies to help the many.

Claudia Conway should be protected by her government, and by her parents.

It is not fair to these kids to put large pressure on them at a young age knowing that they are essentially political puppets for those actually in charge.

I know most dystopian novels have a young hero, but every teen in those novels who was in charge of their respective movement was left with trauma.

Fiction should remain as fiction. It is inspired by the real world but should not become reality, especially when the given fiction is about children at the forefront of battles.