Fill these pages with your words

Staff Editorial

At its core, the Cynic editorial pages have always meant to serve as the voice of the students and the surrounding UVM community. 

Each week our columnists work to provide you their takes on the world around them. But, we want to broaden that circle of writers even more. 

For some time now, the Cynic has accepted guest contributions, usually in the form of a letter to the editor. Now, we want even more for the UVM community to use our platform to share their stories. 

In our newly minted guest contributions subsection “Perspectives,” we encourage anyone to write about anything they feel strongly about, especially in the UVM community. 

The Cynic website garners upwards of 75,000 page views per month. This is your chance to get your voice heard by a large audience.

Here is us, willing to share our platform with the UVM community.

But, here are some parameters: 

Your column should be between 500-600 words. That word count range usually gives us enough to play around with when it comes to fitting the piece in the paper. 

Understand that we reserve the right to not publish any content we receive without notice. 

Try to keep your content as UVM topical as possible, we will consider other content as well. 

Please submit content by the Wednesday before we send the paper to print (which are Sundays). 

When you submit your piece please include your first and last name, a headshot or photo of your face as well as your year and major. Potential headlines ideas are also appreciated. Send all of this to [email protected], and keep your email handy in case we have questions or feedback. 

All content will be reviewed for potential legal liabilities. 

See something in the news you disagree with? Have a strong opinion about a topic? Write! 

This new “Perspectives” space isn’t free advertising and doesn’t take the space of letters to the editors. It’s a space for people to use our platform to have their voices read and heard even further. 

The Cynic’s ultimate goal as a paper of record is to capture the moment and the culture of the University of Vermont through time. One of the best ways to do this is hearing directly from the students and community members themselves.

These articles are a chance for the reader to offer a perspective that a news article might not be able to capture. A personal experience, a personal perspective.