Let’s better the board

Having a stake in the direction of our University should be second-nature to students. Even an understanding would suffice.

The standing of the University obviously impacts all of us, but it’s a lifetime commitment, too.

Practically speaking, your degree will gain or lose value as the University gains and loses prestige.

On a deeper level, your alma mater will be a part of your identity in some form or another as long as you live.

This is all the more reason to pay attention to those who ultimately have the say in the University’s direction — the board of trustees.

Granted, yawns may follow that phrase. Boredom is, however, no excuse for not attending or paying no attention to the board of trustees’ actions and meetings.

The STEM project update was presented by Provost David Rosowsky, complete with digital renderings, 3-D flyby views and blueprints. It was quite the spectacle. Updates to our curriculum were presented as well — a sustainability requirement will accompany diversity requirements for all future UVM students.

What’s more, an incentive-based budgeting system was officially put into place.

The audience was full of administrators, faculty, student government members and a few local journalists. Of course, as every year, there were protests.

The Student Climate Culture club continued their plea  for the University to divest from fossil fuels despite repeated denials over the years from the trustees.

SGA President Aya AL-Namee presented a strong case to let Student Climate Culture speak to the board, and have them entertain the student groups protest — they work hard.

These are a group of students that, however you may feel about them, have been consistent and clear with their message.

One way or another, Student Climate Culture made an impact on the direction of our University.

They had their voices heard; perhaps your voice should be heard, too.