Listen, don’t dismiss other opinions

Last Friday, a pro concealed carry organization tabled outside the Davis Center. On our undeniably liberal campus, the conservative voice is often lost in a majority population of pro-Bernie Sanders, social justice warriors. As a result, conservative students, who are clearly outnumbered by their liberal peers, wouldn’t be wrong to feel ostracized.

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The students tabling were not only representing the concealed carry group, but also Turning Point USA, a group who advocates for the use of free speech. We at the Cynic exercise first amendment rights every week and we support others in doing so.

An important part of the college experience, is learning to listen to both sides of an argument and being exposed to opinions that may not fall in line with yours. At UVM, this is unfortunately quite the rarity. Groups such as Turning Point USA are important for students to be exposed to, even though they might disagree.

The first amendment is extremely vital, at a public University. We encourage you not to dismiss the motives and opinions of people representing different opinions immediately, and use opportunities like these to learn from your peers, speak your mind and exercise your rights of free speech that, are not something to take for granted.