Stop saying happy Valentine’s Day to me, it’s my birthday

Emily Johnston, Assistant Opinion Editor

Valentine’s Day should be moved to February 15th for no other reason than the fact that I was born on the 14th.

Having your birthday on the only day of year dedicated to love is a terrible fate that I would not wish on anyone.

It’s not the sharing that bothers me (I’m a twin), it’s sharing my birthday with a day for people in relationships that makes it so annoying.

I’m sure it was a really nice gift for my parents to have two daughters born on Valentine’s Day, you know to prove their love is eternal or whatever, but in practice being born on the same day as Valentine’s Day is miserable

I feel guilty asking my friends to celebrate with me instead of their partners, so I typically just let them go off with their significant others.

I have to understand that a national day of love means most people in relationships want to celebrate their love, and this means planning celebrations and time spent around my friends’ romances.

It’s a small sacrifice, and only semi-annoying, but if my birthday was any other day than Valentine’s I wouldn’t have to work around my friend’s dating schedules to celebrate with them.

The other annoying thing is not being in a relationship. Sure, I still have my birthday, but the loneliness of spending not one but two holidays without a significant other sometimes wears on me.

Even when I am in a relationship it’s not always the most amazing day.

I typically feel like my significant others get stressed about the perfect present, as Valentine’s Day and birthdays are the two big holidays for relationships.

I do not have high expectations, but whenever I am dating someone I have to tell them that I am fine with anything they give me if they really want to give me a present.

However, this tactic typically ends in my disappointment as I am just given flowers.

Like I get it, I did it to myself and hope breeds eternal misery, but just once I would like to wake up to a room covered in roses and a homemade breakfast and then a day planned with fun activities together.

Yet I am never given this, and most of the time I don’t even expect presents from people. 

It would be insane to expect someone to have to give their significant other and me presents on the same day.

I guess the insaneness of it all is why I have never really had a full birthday experience.

I’ve celebrated for sure, but in elementary school since everyone was having a Valentine’s Day party, I wasn’t allowed to bring in treats for the class.

In high school I had to deal with people nicknaming the event, “Valens-birth,” and screaming that at my twin and I in the hallways.

I even choose some years which holiday to celebrate. 

If I am disappointed from Valentine’s Day, I celebrate my birthday only. If my birthday turns out to suck, I only celebrate Valentine’s Day.

I guess it’s not a problem to have a choice, but I do wish I was able to celebrate each day separately if just once.

So, move the date of Valentine’s Day to the 15th. It’ll make my life so much easier.