Siblings push growth


For many athletes, the team is often seen as an extension of their own family.  That closeness is highlighted by the UVM varsity skiing team, which features three sets of siblings on its roster.

On the Nordic roster, there are brothers Jack and Ben Hegman, junior and first-year respectively. In addition, the team also has Rogan and Cully Brown, a senior and first-year duo hailing from Durango, Colorado. On the Alpine section of the roster are sophomore twins Laurence and Will St. Germain.

Head Coach Patrick Weaver thinks the presence of so many siblings can definitely help create a team with stronger bonds. “It helps raise the level of support on the team,” Weaver said.

“In regards to Rogan and Jack, as they have been around for a couple of years, I see some subtle mentoring between the brothers. This has helped with the adjustment with the younger siblings, which helps make the team more competitive,” Weaver said.

There certainly is some sibling rivalry but it has been all healthy and fun to watch according to Weaver.  The athletes themselves consider the situation to be a positive one.

“Cully helps me become a better person and skier,” Rogan Brown said.  “It’s a two-way street, we give each other feedback and help each other out. It’s fun to have him around.”

“After being on the ski team for a couple years, I know how things work and definitely try to pass some of those tips onto him,” Jack Hegman said.

“We are all competitive with each other. We help each other to succeed,” said Will and Laurence St. Germain.

This family dynamic is what makes UVM skiing stand out against other teams, Weaver said.

The team plans on working hard and having another successful season. They have the chance to contend for their seventh national championship this year.

The season began Jan. 16 at the Bates Carnival in Lewiston, Maine.

The Catamounts took first place with 914 points, beating out second place Dartmouth College by 60 points.