Vermont keeps the community active

No matter what you like to do, UVM offers students the opportunity to take advantage of the indoor and outdoor activities and local sporting events that each season has to offer.

“I appreciate that Lake Champlain was frozen over this winter, I got a lot of playing time because of that fact,” sophomore Belle Procaccini said.

Utilizing the lake even in the colder conditions opens another avenue for students to skate and play hockey.

UVM does a great job promoting healthy living and competition, outside the barriers of campus for non-varsity and club athletes.

“UVM sponsored some outdoor rinks over in Shelburne,” Procaccini said.

The central location of Burlington makes it easier for students to find new and exciting activities to do.

To make up for the long winter months, students find alternatives indoors to maintain a synchronized workout plan.

“Whenever I have a stressful day, I like to run a couple of laps on the stairs at Gutterson Fieldhouse, that’s my favorite thing to do actually,” sophomore and pep band member Tom Hanson said.

When students run along here they get observe the banners of various UVM decorated athletes, including Martin St. Louis, Viktor Stalberg and Tim Thomas.

There is also a high demand for tickets for hockey and basketball games.

Students frequently pack “the Gut” in anticipation of Catamount games.

“It’s fun to see it from the perspective where you get to really see the whole student section coming together to support the school,” Hanson said.

The 1963 established fieldhouse is one of Vermont’s go to spots for UVM students and local Vermont residents to cheer on the Catamounts.

In addition, Gutterson brings students and locals together to engage in extracurricular activities such as hockey, broomball and running.

Other students enjoy the opportunities to remain active outside of the competitive sports.

“Running and hiking for me and I’m going to try slack lining more in the spring,” sophomore Maddie Woods said. “You really can’t beat being outside.”

“During the warmer weather, I like to go down to North Beach and throw the frisbee around with some friends, and in the winter, obviously skiing,” sophomore Henry Curell said.

Although springtime weather hasn’t quite hit Burlington yet, the season is approaching when students will pack the waterfront.

Having North Beach at students’ disposal promotes students to engage in frisbee, bocce and soccer.

The large amount of sporting events available in the small community of Burlington give students multiple opportunities to stay active.