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FallFest artist picked by students

September 20, 2016

The lineup for this year’s FallFest has been locked in and the genre is hip-hop, junior Jack Hockman, a concert committee member for UVM Program Board, said. Students will be working around the clock from Oct. 13 until after the concert has ended Oct. 14, he said. “I’ll be on call ...

Reviving Rock Classics with the Sheepdogs

Reviving Rock Classics with the Sheepdogs

Maggie Richardson

April 25, 2016

      ‘70s rock and roll lives on, and not just on Beatles-filled throwback playlists. With sweet harmonies and classic three-chord guitar rhythms, Ontario based rock outfit the Sheepdogs are reviving the genre’s golden years.         The band released their fifth studio album “Fu...

SpringFest receives a change in venue

Bryan O'Keefe

April 20, 2016

Construction has forced SpringFest to relocate to a more concrete area of campus.   This year’s artist of choice, The Head and the Heart, will perform in the Jeffords Hall parking lot April 30. In years past, the concert has been held on the green outside the recently demolished Chittenden/...

Graveyard Shift: A Night at WRUV

Graveyard Shift: A Night at WRUV

Frances King

March 15, 2016

Because of the WRUV graveyard shifts, the Davis Center is the UVM facility that never sleeps. The graveyards, late night shifts reserved for new and training DJ’s,  are a mixture of scary and fun, said first-year Ashley Claude. Though being in the Davis Center late at night can be a bit daun...

Cricket Blue Haunts with Ethereal Folk

Cricket Blue Haunts with Ethereal Folk

Frances King

February 6, 2016

    Cricket Blue makes exactly the kind of music you would expect when you hear their name.     The folk duo is comprised of Middlebury College alumni Laura Heaberlin and Taylor Smith, who play what they have deemed “botanical, spooky, umbilically-resonant folk.” With soft vocal harmonies and ca...

Through the cold, local writers read their stories

Catie Owen

December 11, 2015

Winter is coming, but despite the cold, local Burlington artists are celebrating. The 11th annual showing of “Winter Tales” by the Vermont Stage theatre company will take place at the Flynn Dec. 9 - 13. The show will include pro- fessional readings of stories and poems by local novel...

Folk artist sells out at Signal Kitchen

<p>Folk artist sells out at Signal Kitchen</p>

December 8, 2015

On a rainy Wednesday night, Vermont’s own folk singer and songwriter played a sold-out show at Signal Kitchen.Anais Mitchell is reminiscent of a modern-day Joni Mitchell, with a softer voice that’s innocent like a child’s, but doesn’t escape the tone of someone who has seen a hardship or two...

Spotlight on The Monkey House 

<p>Spotlight on The Monkey House </p>

November 19, 2015

A small venue in downtown Winooski has been attracting UVM students who are looking for an alternative atmosphere to downtown Burlington. The Monkey House hosts four to five events a week ranging from local and national bands as well as a variety of other shows.  “We are open to anything, we host open mic nig...

Spotlight on the

Baha Men

<p>Spotlight on the</p><p>Baha Men</p>

November 19, 2015

Every artist has a tough time following up their best work, when I asked Dyson Knight of the Baha Men how you follow up a huge hit like “Who Let the Dogs Out,” he simply responded, “You don’t.”Fifteen years removed from “Who Let the Dogs Out,” and thirteen since their last studio album, t...

Band tours for their new album

Band tours for their new album

Emily Daroga

November 17, 2015

A psychedelic techno group returning to Higher Ground Nov. 15. Papadosio is touring for their new album, “Extras in A Movie,” released earlier this year carrying a very orchestral and cerebral yet jammy vibe. The upcoming show will be showcasing a lot of new material, drummer Mike Heal...

Madaila Preview 

October 28, 2015

Four bands will take over Burlington’s ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center for a spooky Halloween dance party Oct. 31.Madaila, a five-piece, Vermont-raised group of “dance-rock-pop-juggernauts,” is headlining the event. “When we play in town we do it big,” lead vocalist and guitarist Ma...

Modest Mouse Hits Burlington

Autumn Benjamin

October 28, 2015

Burlington finally got its much needed indie-rock fix when hundreds of fans gathered at the Memorial Auditorium for the sold out Modest Mouse concert Oct. 19. With a diverse fan base of old and young, the energy of the crowd was calm, yet excitement ruled the air. Isaac Brock, lead vocalist of ...

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