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We must force change upon Sodexo

We must force change upon Sodexo

Zoë Kennedy

January 23, 2020

Sodexo is a name well-known on campus, but less known are names like Bronzefield, Addiewell or Melaleuca. These are some of the prisons that Sodexo operates. Sodexo as a multinational corporation is harming the international community through involvement in human rights abuse in the private prison ind...

Activism must go beyond social media

Activism must go beyond social media

Emily Johnston

September 7, 2019

Instagram stories, posts that appear for only 24 hours, have recently been used by activists to spread awareness about political and social issues. On social media, and especially on college campuses, students constantly feel the pressure to do something about what they believe in. At a school like U...

For lasting administrative changes, we must act now

For lasting administrative changes, we must act now

Chris Harrell

March 29, 2019

Almost every week I hear a new story about the UVM administration doing something that harms the spirit of our community. The time to address the roots of these problems is now, and if we don’t act, correcting them will only get harder. Over the past two years we’ve seen campus protests result in ...

Make change: vote in SGA elections

Make change: vote in SGA elections

Staff Editorial

March 27, 2019

No matter who you’re voting for, we should all vote in SGA elections. In recent weeks, there have been parallel student movements: a wave of protests and the arrival of SGA presidential campaigns. We must recognize that these movements are two sides of the same coin — accurate representation for...

The Waterman Takeover: A tradition of protest at UVM

Posters wrap the marble columns of the Waterman building the student activist group NoNames For Justice take-over of the building Feb. 26, 2018.

Meg Trogolo, Staff Writer

February 26, 2019

One year ago, student activist group NoNames for Justice staged a takeover of the Waterman building Feb. 26 in order to protest racial injustice in the University’s administration. The takeover, in which over 250 students spent the day hanging banners, soliciting signatures from administrators on a list o...

Use your anger to fuel activism

Use your anger to fuel activism

Letter to the Editor

October 25, 2018

Three weeks ago, almost 1,000 students walked out of classes to protest the appointment of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, to support heroes Christine Blasey Ford and Anita Hill and to stand with survivors of sexual assault. We stood to oppose the political threats that Kavanaugh poses – the er...

Don’t wait to speak up

Don't wait to speak up

Staff Editorial

October 24, 2018

The survivors of the Parkland shooting came to speak Oct. 19 in Burlington. While addressing a crowd gathered in the First Universalist Church, David Hogg, Emma Gonzalez and Alex Wind spoke about the importance of activism. These individuals, although only 18 years old, have already formed March for O...

Why protesting is important for democracy

Jackson Schilling

October 18, 2018

Does protesting matter to a government that doesn’t listen to its people? Thousands of people across the nation gathered in protest of Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the supreme court. UVM students walked out of class, hundreds of protestors gathered around the senate hearing and women shared stor...

Top administrators meet with NoNames for Justice activist leaders in closed session

No Names for Justice protesters walk into the executive offices in the Waterman building to meet with University President Tom Sullivan Feb. 26.

February 26, 2018

  Leaders of student activist group NoNames for Justice are now in closed talks with administration in the executive offices in Waterman building. The two parties entered talks after Arts and Sciences Dean Bill Falls signed NoNames' letter to deans outlining the group's requests, which...

Support your fellow UVM student leaders

Support your fellow UVM student leaders

Staff Editorial

October 4, 2017

The past two weeks on campus have been filled with protests, marches, rallies and emails about diversity and inclusion at UVM. Student leaders of various diversity organizations on campus delivered a list of demands to president Tom Sullivan asking for the University to take specific action ...

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