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ProfTalk – OCEAN Project

ProfTalk - OCEAN Project

Morgan Mettler and Nick Fech

February 25, 2020

Nick and Morgan sit down with members of the OCEAN Project team, Laurent and Juniper, to discuss UVM's $1 million grant from Google, the coronavirus epidemic and some difficult “Would You Rather” questions.

This woman’s research saves lives: meet the director of UVM’s Center on Rural Addiction

Stacey Sigmon holds a “medi wheel” device in her clinic in the Vermont Center for Behavior and Health, Feb. 3. The new UVM Center on Rural Addiction is dedicated to addressing the opioid issue within rural communities through developed research.

Sawyer Loftus, News and Sports Editor

February 11, 2020

At Christmas this past December, Dr. Stacey Sigmon and her brother sat down together in their hometown of Faith, North Carolina, and made a list. Together, the two came up with at least 30 people they knew personally who died from either a heroin or prescription opioid overdose. Sigmon is a clinical...

Ayahuasca: the alternative antidepressant

Ayahuasca: the alternative antidepressant

Caroline Slack, Assistant Feature Editor

April 24, 2019

Though psychedelics are often portrayed in popular culture as recreational drugs, psychedelics like ayahuasca have played a role in religious ceremonies and alternative medicine. Josh — not his real name — a junior, was 23 when he took mental health treatment into his own hands with a do-it-your...

Board of trustees meeting pushes research

Kelsey Neubauer, Senior Staff Writer

May 26, 2017

Entrepreneurial research stood out at the tri-annual UVM board of trustees meeting May 19 - 20. University officials presented some of their current research on entrepreneurship at the meeting May 19. “We believe that the region is at a tipping point for innovation and entrepreneurship,” G...

Guest professor gives lecture on negative effects of cannabis use

Guest professor gives lecture on negative effects of cannabis use

Brandon Arcari

October 19, 2016

Cannabis use may be more harmful to students than previously thought, according to one health expert. Amelia Arria, an associate professor in the department of behavioral and community health at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, gave a talk in Williams Hall Oct. 13 discussing the ...

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