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Threat of violence prompts CatAlert

Bryan O'Keefe March 16, 2016

The UVM community was alerted through the CatAlert system regarding potential violent threats made toward a current student Sunday. Ronald Reda, a man in his late 40s, reportedly threatened to harm...

Crime Log

March 1, 2016

FEB. 19 11:53 P.M.Police received a report of a man exhibiting odd behavior. Police made contact and secured him.FEB. 21 12:10 P.M.An intoxicated male was found in an person’s room. He left upon request....

Crime Log

February 24, 2016

FEB. 14 10:49 A.M.A person saw a suspicious looking male standing in the bushes by Slade Hall. Police were called, but no one was found when they arrived.FEB. 16 2:29 P.M.Police received a report of a...

Crime log

Jill Vaglica September 23, 2015

Sept. 11 11:43 p.m. A student that had been lying down on the University Heights basketball courts. When the officer confronted the student, he admitted to having been drinking, but he was not in need...

Crime Log

Jill Vaglica September 2, 2015

June 12 11:36 p.m. UVM police helped the Burlington police department in responding to a bomb threat made to the UVM campus.Police searched the area for anything unusual or suspicious, but did not find...

Crime Log

Jill Vaglica April 21, 2015

April 11   7:51 p.m.  Police received a report of a suspicious event at the Catamount Color Run. One of the race participants reported that she overheard another student say, “I dropped my...

Crime Log

Jill Vaglica April 14, 2015

April 3 2:37 a.m. Police responded to a report of a fire in Mason Hall. A student fell asleep while smoking on a futon. The student’s roommate woke up and smelled the futon starting to burn. The...

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